The Courage to Be Disliked The Courage to Be Disliked

The Courage to Be Disliked

The Japanese Phenomenon That Shows You How to Change Your Life and Achieve Real Happiness

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Publisher Description

An international bestseller and TikTok sensation with more than 10 million copies sold worldwide, The Courage to Be Disliked is a transformative and practical guide to personal happiness and self-fulfillment.

Now you can unlock your full potential and free yourself from the shackles of past traumas and societal expectations to find true personal happiness. Based on the theories of renowned psychologist Alfred Adler, this book guides you through the principles of self-forgiveness, self-care, and mind decluttering in a straightforward, easy-to-digest style that’s accessible to all.

The Courage to Be Disliked unfolds as a dialogue between a philosopher and a young man, who, over the course of five enriching conversations, realizes that each of us is in control of our life’s direction, independent of past burdens and expectations of others.

Wise, empowering, and profoundly liberating, this book is a life-changing experience that shows you a path to lasting happiness and how to finally be the person you truly want to be. Millions are already benefiting from its teachings—and you can be next.

Health, Mind & Body
May 8
Atria Books
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Customer Reviews

Ernesto de la booze ,

I love it

I couldn’t put this book down. I’ve never heard of etiology or teleology before, but, recently, I’ve noticed that people these days almost seem to “worship” the events in their life that impacted them negatively, and in doing so, never seem to be able to move on from them.

That is to say that all of one’s actions are based upon negative circumstances from the past and if anyone tries to convert you away from your beliefs about the past, or minimize its importance in your life now, you’ll likely react with disgust and anger.

This book shines a light on an alternative way of viewing the world. I believe it is a much healthier, wiser, and easier way of living than what is being promoted today.

Whatsthekiki ,

Great read!

Really interesting point of view but a lot to take in. Some things are natural to absorb and others not so much. The simplicity is not so simple.

yaboiisac ,

Amazing read

Great book! I didn’t realize I was using the teaching in my everyday life after just a couple of chapters

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