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Callie Yates grew up the day her mother left. It was never easy caring for her agoraphobic father and trying to give her three teenage siblings the childhood she never had. But when she learns the store where she works is closing after the holidays, Callie is forced to make a decision. Will she be honest with her family, or give them one final Merry Christmas?

Fiction & Literature
November 25
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Customer Reviews

kirchersmiles ,

I loved this so so much!

The Crazy Yates by Kimberly Packard

5 Stars

This was a quick, easy to read, amazingly awesome story. I have grown to love this author so so much and this short but jam packed full of awesomeness just strengthened that so much more.

I felt every emotion in this story that was meant to be felt. I've read a lot of Christmas Stories but this one hit the mark. It was probably as real as it gets and on one hand so so sad, yet on the other so emotionally inspiring. I loved Callie and I felt for her as she was so strong and forced to take on the world's problems for her family at such a young age.

I hated for this story to end, I loved reading about this family and wish there was more about Callie and her future. I loved loved loved and adored the end of this amazing story!

Many many thanks to this author for writing a brilliant Christmas story and I can not find the words to stress how much I recommend reading this!