The Creative Copywriter's Companion

One of America's most award-winning copywriters explains how to write great creative copy. Covers all traditional and digital media.

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    • $15.99

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From the Kirius Review: "A highly instructional guide to the creation of effective advertising... A copywriting pro reveals all ...  For those mystified by advertising copywriting or anyone who hopes to enter the profession, this book is sure to fit the bill...  He has won the ad industry’s most prestigious awards, worked with top agencies, and written for stellar clients… covers all the bases. Included are chapters about the creative process, writing for traditional and digital media… He writes eloquently and wisely… Brimming with wisdom and good-natured copywriting guidance." Link to the entire review:

In this landmark book, one of America’s most award-winning copywriters and creative directors, who conducted the copywriting training program at Young & Rubicam for five years, shares the most complete, and often refreshingly original, strategic and creative guidelines ever described for creative copywriting. If you’re looking for a book that explains how you can become a great creative copywriter, who knows how to use the resources of language to magnify the selling proposition, instead of subordinate or otherwise distract from it, you just found it. You’ll discover how to optimize your copywriting for every touchpoint in the customer journey — from a member of the target audience to a prospect, purchaser, brand loyalist and advocate. The tactics are explained so you can implement them yourself and start to achieve remarkably consistent success for your clients and in your career. You’ll also be able to use the book as a helpful companion to refer to over the years.

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October 9
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