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Five years have passed since the events of Flight to Destruction. In September 1979, during the early days of the Thatcher Government, unauthorised financial speculation places Pat O’Donnell’s company at risk. Jenny, who is now an accountant, works with Pete Bridford  to save the company. That brings old feelings to the fore, despite Jenny’s generally happy marriage and motherhood of two. But an accident to the husband of Pete’s old friend Liz takes his life in a different direction. 

A year or so later, Liz and Pete are living together. Pete is now leading Creators Technology, and working part time for the Government as an industrial advisor, whilst Liz is working part time for the miners’ union. That involves them on opposite sides of the Government’s backdown to the miners in February 1981. A few days later, they, Jenny and Carol help a friend from Spain to ensure the military coup there fails. The friend arranges for Creators Technology to have the funds it needs to develop world beating software. 

Liz and Pete devise a plan to prevent the miners challenging the Government at the end of 1981, when their chances of victory would be greatest. Their plan appears to be working, but is disrupted by the coldest weather on record. Then they face together the greatest challenge, and the greatest sacrifice, against the background of a turning point in national history. 

Pete’s account ends in June 1982, against the background of national triumph in the Falklands War, and expected business triumph for Creators Technology. He discovers that he is not the only person facing tragedy, and does not go on alone.

Fiction & Literature
October 26
Troubador Publishing Ltd

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