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Delmer was an only child born into poverty. He grew up on a farm and was sheltered from any other human contact until the age of seven. His father was an alcoholic, and his mother slept with every man in town. Delmer did not know what it was like to have a loving family and a stable home. He believed that every family must be like his until his mother sent him off to school for the first time in his life.
At first, everything seemed to be pretty normal for Delmer. He just couldn't understand why his classmates were laughing at him all the time. He wasn't a bully, he didn't have the luxuries that other children his age had, and he had a smell to him. His clothes were rather ragged, his hair was matted, his teeth were crooked and yellow, he spoke with a lisp, and one of his feet was turned in so he couldn't walk a straight line. Instead of retaliating, Delmer decided to hold all the hurt and anger, just like he did with his parents.
One day he decided it was time to fire up his father's crematory and see if there was any life in the old furnace. His father's crematory business used to flourish until alcohol started consuming his life. He would beat Delmar and his mother on a daily basis. As Delmar lit the furnace, the flames got higher and higher. It was as if the furnace was speaking to him. A sense of calm came over him that he had never felt before in his life. Delmar would sit beside the furnace and talk to it as if the furnace could hear him.
One day his father came down to the crematory where he hid his booze and stumbled upon Delmar sitting near the furnace. "Boy what are you doing down here? I thought I told you to never come down here! I guess I'll have to teach you a lesson! Bend over boy!" his father growled as he pulled out his belt.
He gulped down the last of his whiskey and started whipping his son uncontrollably. Delmar's cries echoed throughout the crematory and reached the farmhouse. His mother heard his cries and ran to the crematory where her son lay lifeless.
“What happened!?” his mother cried.
“None of your business woman just shut up! This is between father and son and doesn't concern you,” his father replied heartlessly. “Now get out of here before I beat you too!”
“You wouldn't,” Delmer’s mother snapped back.
His father opened another bottle of whiskey, turned it up, and wiped off his mouth as he shut the door.
“This is for all the men you've slept with,” he said sternly as he started beating her with his belt until she fell down unconscious.
Delmar slowly regained consciousness and glanced up at the furnace. He couldn't believe what he saw in the raging fire. He could hear a voice calling to him.
"Get up, Delmar. Your father has passed out from alcohol consumption. He needs to pay for what he has done to you and your mother. I will give you the strength to put him in the fire and, if you wish it, your mother as well.” Delmar accepted the strength and, as promised by the fire, he was able to easily toss his mother and father into the furnace.
The voice from the furnace wasn't through with Delmer by a long shot.The furnace needed more bodies and Delmer was the perfect guinea pig.
Read on as Delmer tries to fight the will of the furnace from claiming more bodies.

Fiction & Literature
December 16
Drac Von Stoller
Smashwords, Inc.

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