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Becalmed in the backwater Phall system, the Imperial Fists’ relief fleet originally headed for Isstvan III has been waiting out the warp storms that waylaid them so many months ago. Under the assumed command of Captain Alexis Polux and seemingly forgotten by the rest of the Imperium, they hope yet to complete their mission and report back to their primarch Rogal Dorn, so that they might return to the greater conflict. But destiny calls as old rivalries are rekindled, and the treacherous Iron Warriors await their moment to strike – the feud between Dorn and his wayward brother Perturabo promises now to erupt into open war.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
May 30
Black Library
Games Workshop Limited

Customer Reviews

Nic the Remembrancer ,

Fast furious read

John French knows his Imperial Fists, and anything that he takes artistic license with adds to the legion, rather than taking away like many BL authors.

Alexis Polux becomes the unwitting senior officer of the Imperial Fists fleet sent to rescue or avenge the legions savaged at Istvaan V.

I won't spoil anything, but be ready for an exciting story about what the Fists do best against who would become their greatest foes.

Give it a read! You won't be sorry.

Kid-Rad ,

Non-Stop storyline!

Great story, quick read. I was glued to this one. Loads of Heresy info.

Badmonkeycw ,

Too much

8 dollars for 120 odd pages...that were already printed in a previous collection. GW and Black Library's constant mark ups of these excellent books makes it harder and harder to continue to enjoy this originally great series. At this rate the final pages of the heresy story will be a string of 70 page shorts that cost 25$ ea.

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