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Think of a time when you experienced a crucible, adversity, or a moment that caused you personal or professional pain? How did this crucible moment fundamentally transformed your identity? Did you become more compassionate, live with more integrity or develop a deeper sense of self? This is the journey the The Crucible’s Gift, will guide you on.

"The Crucible’s Gift offers leaders insight into their deepest places that define them. Prepare for a remarkable journey of self-discovery, guided by the stories of leaders who had the courage to go on record in this book and the insights of the author, James Kelley, whose own story made this book complete." —Dr. Marshall Goldsmith, The Thinkers 50 #1 Leadership Thinker in the World

In an era of inauthentic leaders, the stakes could not be higher for embracing a better version of yourself that propels you and your team to success. In a social media world there is an abundance of false narratives about happiness and authenticity, it is easy to get lost on your journey. Authentic leadership expert Dr. James Kelley shows that the key to personal and professional growth lies in how we respond effectively to adversity. In fact, what causes us and our organizations the most fear can be our greatest gift, creating a positive meaning out of challenges.

A test or trial—your individual crucible—gives you the potential to increase self-awareness, develop deeper compassion, live with more integrity and boost connection with colleagues. High-impact leaders thrive in adversity because of their crucibles, not in spite of them. The Crucible’s Gift introduces you to lessons from over 140 diverse leaders who demonstrated the art of living more authentically. Combining these rich, raw and insightful stories with his knowledge of business and psychology—as well as his candid accounts of what he has learned from his personal crucibles—Kelley shows how to transform what holds you back into traits that will propel you forward, encouraging you to step fully into your life.

The world demands leaders who can accomplish the impossible, delegate effectively and inspire their teams. The Crucible’s Gift shows that, provided you’re open to receiving it, today’s worst situation may be tomorrow’s biggest opportunity. No more b******t excuses.

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Author, speaker and consultant Dr. James Kelley was born in Portland, Oregon. Following the completion of an MBA and a year of teaching English in Japan, James moved to Australia to pursue his Ph.D. in International Marketing. He is the host of the Executives After Hours podcast, where he explores topics such as authenticity and success with leaders from diverse organizations and industries. Kelley currently teaches at the United Arab Emirates University in Dubai, and resides near Dubai with his wife, Mary, and their four children. www.drjameskelley.com

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