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Gaston battled for duty and honor—until Ysmaine tempted him to fight for her love...

When the Templar knight Gaston unexpectedly inherits his family estate, he knows he needs a wife and heir. A marriage of convenience to a widow in need of assistance is a practical solution and the newly-wed pair leave Jerusalem, entrusted with the delivery of a package for the Templars. Away from the life he has known for years, Gaston quickly realizes that little is following his plan—especially his mysterious wife, whose presence awakens an unexpected fire...

Twice widowed, Ysmaine doubts she will ever wed again, let alone have a marriage of merit—until she is charmed by the gruff knight intent upon defending her. Ysmaine weds again, not only by her own choice but to a warrior whose honor she admires. She is determined to show Gaston that marriage has more to offer them both than an heir, but first she must win the trust of the wary man she has impulsively wed...

Neither realize that Gaston has been entrusted with the treasure of the Templars—much less that someone in their small party is intent upon claiming the prize at any cost. In a company of strangers with secrets, can Gaston dare to trust his new bride? Can Ysmaine convince Gaston to confide what he knows? Can they solve the riddle together before the villain’s plan comes to fruition and all is lost?

July 28
Deborah A. Cooke
Deborah A. Cooke

Customer Reviews

Lady LeDhea ,

The Crusaders Bride

I loved the plot but it is unfinished 😂😂I can imagine what happened when Gaston returned home, but I’m lazy and wanted the author to finish the story for me

Meht1991 ,

The Crusader's Bride

This book was written during the time period of the Knights Templar and their time in the Middle East. It was written from a Crusader's point of view and his being informed that his elder brother had died and he was needed to return home to claim his brothers estate. I really learned a lot about the Templars, which I have always been interested in. The man also needed to find a wife and it follows his endeavors of doing so. I really enjoyed this book.


Lillypadgreen12 ,

"Well researched compelling historical romance"

In The Crusade's Bride, you get to experience Jerusalem along with the life and thoughts/feelings of how they Templars probably felt during the time of the Crusade's. If you've ever read much about the Templar knights, you are most likely aware of the many mysterious and secretive activities they were involved in and the extent they went through to hide, or secret away, their religious relics for protection. Gaston was one of these barrel hardened knights until he had to return home upon the death of his father. Yasmain was on a personal pilgrimage in an attempt to atone for self inflicted issues that really were beyond what she could control in her life. Claire Delacroix has long been a favorite author of mine because she essentially, puts you in the story. Her descriptions of places and characters always paint such a true to life scenario. There is romance, intrigue, and a touch of history. This is the first of 3 books in th u s series, so I'm off to number 2. Oh I also purchased the audio version of this book, and greatly enjoyed the talented narration by Tim Gerard Reynolds. I can multitask while listening to a great book by Claire Delacroix.

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