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Wulfe knew his place—until Christina taught him to hope for more…

An orphan and a man who has fought for his own survival, Wulfe is a Templar knight sworn to the order for life. He will defend the order and his brethren to his last, but protests when he is included in a mission to deliver a package to Paris on the cusp of an attack on Jerusalem. The assignment so vexes him so that he seeks distraction in a Venetian brothel. Wulfe does not expect to encounter a courtesan of beauty and wit, her appeal for his assistance—much less his own desire to fulfill her request…

Christina recognizes immediately that the grim knight offers the chance to escape a despised life and reclaim her legacy. All she has to do is convince Wulfe to accompany her out of the city, a challenge that demands more than the power of her touch—when Wulfe is attacked, she seizes the opportunity to prove her value to him and his quest, uncertain whether her wits will be sufficient.

As attacks mount and danger engulfs the small company, Christina is the one who guesses the contents of the Templar package—and holds the key to its successful delivery. Wulfe is shocked to realize that she has awakened the heart he forgot he possessed—and when she risks herself to see his mission completed, he must choose between his duty and his newfound love…

October 20
Deborah A. Cooke
Deborah A. Cooke

Customer Reviews

SisterJD ,

The Crusader's Heart

I really enjoyed this story. It kept me intrigued although at times because I'd read the first book it felt as if I was rereading the same book albeit from a different perspective.

*Copy gifted by the Publisher in exchange for an honest review

Lillypadgreen12 ,

The Crusader’s Heart

This second book in the series The Champions of Saint Euphemia, was a delight to read! It always warms my heart when I find a book where the hero is valiant, yet tender hearted. I like the way this author seamlessly weaves together several stories that occur at or around the same time without seeming to miss a beat. Oddly enough, the way she described how Juliana became Christina, was in fact an often seen, factual occurrence, of the times. It wasn't like she made her choice lightly. For all of Wulfe's bluster in the first book, you might be surprised to discover the reasons behind his actions and how similar the two lead characters actually were. Since I am not Catholic, I am not familia with all the Saints, though have often been intrigued by their stories, so I was amazed at the amount of research that had to have gone into this book. I also bought and listened to the audio version, narrated by Tim Gerard Reynolds. I love listening to his narrations as he seems to bring heart to an already well written book with his gifted ability to pull you into the story. If you enjoyed her series The Jewels of Kinfairly, you should be very happy reading this series as well. I would easily recommend both book and audio to all my friends!

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