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The Crystal Warriors Series Bundle, three full-length paranormal romances by multi-award winning author Maree Anderson: The Crystal Warrior (Book One), Ruby’s Dream (Book Two), Jade’s Choice (Book Three).

The Crystal Warrior: When career-focused dancer Chalcedony (Chalcey) accidentally breaks a wulfenite crystal, she’s confronted by a man dressed like an ad for We Love Leather. Wulf has finally escaped from a centuries-long hell and he wants Chalcedony more than anything he’s wanted in his entire life. Before either of them realize what’s at stake, Chalcey is bonded to Wulf and his life is in her hands. And when the Crystal Guardian’s curse threatens everything she’s worked for, Chalcey must figure out how to save Wulf before it’s too late. (Winner: Romance Writers of New Zealand Clendon Award for full-length romantic manuscript)

Ruby’s Dream: Ruby’s plus-sized, boyfriend-less, and turning thirty. But things are looking up when her BFF gives her a piece of kyanite crystal, and Ruby encounters the most beautiful man she’s ever seen. Wow, best birthday present ever! Pity a veritable Adonis like Kyan couldn’t possibly be attracted to someone like her. Kyan can’t figure what makes Ruby tick and seducing her proves to be a big mistake because now he wants more than Ruby’s prepared to give. They both think they’ve got plenty of time to sort through this mess… and then the Crystal Guardian intervenes, and time runs out for them both.

Jade’s Choice: Jade’s so desperate to provide for her chronically ill sister that she decides to sell herself. Her first “client” turns out to be the Crystal Guardian, who promptly locks Jade in a motel room with Malach, the Crystal Warrior destined to be her life-mate. Malach is a complex, compelling man, and he soon captures Jade’s heart. But Malach has a dark secret: he plans to kill himself rather than risk being imprisoned in his cursed crystal a third time. And saving him could be a losing battle… because he’s still in love with the woman who refused to bond with him decades ago.

Readers’ Comments:

“I recently ran across The Crystal Warrior, read it and had to download and read the next two books the same weekend. I just *loved* them.”

“I just *loved* [the Crystal Warrior books]. Thank you for linking the books--that makes them even better.”

“Highly Recommend!!! Great Read!!! Sexy, dangerous and thrilling!!! Keeps you on your toes!!! Absolutely love it!!! Can’t get any better!!!”

“Sassy, saucy and intelligent. Fun read, lots of activity and good storyline. Each story links but can be read individually.”

“I’m addicted to your Crystal Warriors series!”

March 4
Maree Anderson
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Customer Reviews

Lorbertie ,

Chrystal Warriors bundle

A very novel concept and very interestingly fleshed out. I enjoyed them very much. Thanks for writing

Raye923 ,


I really enjoyed these books! They we're passionate and well written. This was a good read & the warriors were hot!

Scsmiles ,

Waiting for my Warrior!

Really enjoyed this series. Bring on the next crystal!

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