The Crystalline Crucible The Crystalline Crucible

The Crystalline Crucible

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Enter the thrilling world of Maxwell Jacobs, a 21-year-old with a spirit as wild as his dreams. Unconventional and utterly obsessed with knights, Tetris, and the perfect cheese sandwich, Max harbors a burning desire—to establish himself as the unrivaled master of treasure hunting.

 As whispers of the extraordinary Crystal Contest reach his eager ears, promising unimaginable wealth and secrets hidden within the world, Max's heart skips a beat. Winning this unparalleled competition becomes an all-consuming mission—a chance to unlock an extraordinary destiny.

Yet, fate seems intent on testing Max's resolve when he finds himself behind bars, arrested for a daring museum break-in. Confronted by his crippling fear of leaving the safety of his hometown and forever shackled by his perpetual clumsiness, Max is reminded of the insurmountable odds stacked against him. With only one true friend in his life—his math teacher, Rosie Shaw, who disapproves of his treasure-hunting aspirations—Max's journey becomes ever more treacherous.

However, destiny has a peculiar way of pairing unlikely allies. Enter Khalil Ahmed, Max's new coworker, a former drug dealer desperate to evade the clutches of his shadowy past. At first glance, they appear opposites—life circumstances and aspirations pulling them apart. Yet, driven by the shared hunger for financial security, Max and Khalil embark on an unexpected partnership, setting their sights on the coveted Crystal Contest. Together, they embark on a cross-country odyssey, their once separate lives intertwining in a thrilling saga of cryptic puzzles, hidden clues, and heart-racing adventures.

Prepare to be captivated as Max and Khalil race against time to decipher riddles, navigate treacherous events, and unlock the secrets of the Crystal Contest. The stakes have never been higher, and the allure of immeasurable riches beckons—mere steps away. Will they triumph over countless obstacles and secure their place in the annals of history? The answer lies within the pages of this unforgettable tale—an epic treasure hunt where only the bold prevail.

Fiction & Literature
May 14
Spinning Monkey Press LLC
Draft2Digital, LLC

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