The Curvy Girl's Style Handbook The Curvy Girl's Style Handbook

The Curvy Girl's Style Handbook

Book 3 of the Stylish Upgrade Series

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Publisher Description

Are you naturally curvy, grappling to find suitable clothes to fit your body; Even in your own closet?

Does getting dressed feel more like a chore than fun? 

Do body insecurities have an impact your social activities, professional growth and personal relationships?

When it comes to feeling comfortable in our own skin and being stylish at the same time, we recognize it can sometimes be a challenge! This handbook is more than a love letter to every woman who has ever felt bad about her body and her style, it’s all about celebrating and relating to a real woman.

This book is unlike any other style guide because it features real women making stylish outfits from what’s already in their closet work.

In it you will find; 

• ways to upgrade what you already have, to express your style, making getting dressed every day joyful, and productive.

• Models ranging in size, age and ethnicity. 

• Outfits that transition from mom to entrepreneur on the fly.

• The hard facts about sizing and the fashion industry.

• Ways to disconnect from media’s projection of the ideal and live with acceptance of the real.

• evaluating the structure of your clothes and utilizing my two key styling principles, I call the ‘V for Victory’, and the ‘B for put a belt on it’ and together with other strategies.

• you will learn how to create shapes that flatter and celebrate your curves, as opposed to concealing them.

Best of all this book looks to use your existing wardrobe to build the foundation of your style. 

The first step in this journey is to purchase The Curvy Girl’s Guide to Style and discover how to make your wardrobe polished, comfortable and empowering!

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May 19
Claymore Ulfberht and Xiphos
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