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Is he really just a heartless machine? When aliens attack, she’ll discover the cyborg secret…

Chiron is a cyborg - a man who has been turned into a machine after tragedy. Common wisdom says he’s just a robot now, with no feelings and no memory of his past life, but his next-door neighbor, Roxy, is starting to suspect that’s not exactly true. He looks at her with desire in his eyes, and she knows there’s a man inside that muscular frame, who feels a very mutual attraction.

She’s trying to earn enough as a mechanic for passage back to Earth, but it’s a long way home and war is on the horizon. When aliens attack the station, the leadership flees, leaving the cyborgs and a bunch of women and children to the not-so-tender mercies of the alien warriors. But the cyborgs have a crazy plan and they won’t leave the innocent behind.

With Roxy’s help, they’ll try to fix the last viable ship and head out for parts unknown. Their journey is fraught with hazards, but if they work together, the humans and cyborgs might just find a way home. Roxy and Chiron will have to put it all on the line to save the others—their safety, their lives…and their hearts.

February 19
Bianca D'Arc
Smashwords, Inc.

Customer Reviews

Arieslady52 ,

Updated take on the 'boy-next-door' romance trope

Bianca D'Arc's SF romance between a very special cyborg and a uniquely perceptive human ship's engineer covers an intergalactic war, a change the interior awareness of cyborgs, and the outward-rippling consequences of their simultaneous occurrence. The romance is resolved in this book - HEA with no cliff-hangers, but there are well constructed plot elements which leave the scent of 'more-to-come' to permeate the pages. I like this book, and I want more!

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