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Being the captain of the Liberator for many years, Liam Synar is familiar with fixing mistakes. But he's not sure how to fix the worst one he’s made concerning his official mate. Merging Ania with Malachi, the Synar family’s daemon had been a desperate act to save her life after she'd all but died saving his. Since Ania being dead is not an option in his reality, how could saving her be wrong?

Not telling her what he did? Okay, that definitely wasn’t the smartest decision he’s ever made. Leaving her and the Daemon of Synar behind on her planet had been for the good of all. Or so he's been telling himself over and over for the last two years they've been separated.

Things have changed though. His time of keeping Ania unaware of her symbiotic host has run out. Coveting Malachi's enormous power, Conor Synar, his exiled brother, hunts his ship. His brother wants to control the powerful and destructive alien force and won't stop until he's the master.

It’s only a matter of time until Conor discovers the truth. Liam understands now that the only way he can truly protect Ania from Conor's evil is to keep her by his side. That leaves Liam no choice except to tell his mate what he's done, even if it means facing the wrath of the only female he’s ever loved.

Everything he did was to save her. How impossible is it to hope Ania might one day forgive him?


Join the crew of the Liberator, a rescue ship working for the Peace Alliance. Follow their adventures for guaranteed action, laughs, and fun in this science fiction and fantasy romantic comedy series. The Liberator travels to new star systems to rescue high profile officials. Sometimes they even manage to do their job.

Just like in space opera TV shows, the characters in my Forced To Serve series reappear from book to book because they are crew members of the same spaceship. However, there is a full romance with a new couple in each book as well. The one exception to this is that Book 1 (64,000 words) and Book 2 (110,000 words) together are the full story of Liam and Ania's romance. Reading both books is recommended to get a full feel for this series.

If you like the alien-human interactions in Star Trek, Firefly, and Guardians of the Galaxy, you'll enjoy the humor in the Forced To Serve series.

Book 1 The Daemon of Synar

Book 2 The Daemon Master's Wife

Book 3 The Siren's Call

Book 4 The Healer's Kiss

Book 5 The Daemon's Change

Book 6 The Tracker's Quest

More coming...

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
February 27
Donna McDonald
Donna McDonald

Customer Reviews

Happystart ,

Wasn't bad

This isn't a bad book, but it was a little silly. I prefer the cougar series; it was much more develop and I like the relationships better.

Bekahcpht ,

Forced to keep reading

I absolutely loved this book. As a reader I love when a book consumes me, and let me say this book did. So much so I stayed up all night reading it and when I had finished it I immediately download the next book. I highly recommend reading this when you have nothing to do because you won't be able to put it done. Mrs. McDonald did an excellent job writing 2 very witty, alpha females Ania and Gwen. Liam and Zade are 2 very dominant, alpha males. And when the couples are together they are electrifying. Warning: This book is full of wonderful sexual tension.

Bayeyeswife ,

Couldn't put it down

Excellent job - can't wait to read next one

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