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In the aftermath of the Dropsite Massacre at Isstvan V, a battered and bloodied force of Iron Hands, Raven Guard and Salamanders regroups on a seemingly insignificant death world. Fending off attacks from all manner of monstrous creatures, the fractious allies find hope in the form of human refugees fleeing from the growing war, and cast adrift upon the tides of the warp. But even as the Space Marines carve out a sanctuary for them in the jungles of Pythos, a darkness gathers that threatens to consume them all…

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
July 18
Black Library
Games Workshop Limited

Customer Reviews

Jalaroc ,

Okay..but curiously isolated

A standard 40k novel that happened to be set in the horus heresy era. However, it didn't seem to matter what era it was in because the actions in the novel had no real impact on the larger storyline aside from answering the question where the warning came from.

Gwoutrider ,

Should not have been a Heresy Novel

This title has very little to do with the Horus Heresy and should have been a regular Warhammer 40k novel.

rcaveman12 ,


I love the HH books. Enough to pay 16.00 for the last 2. Vengeful Spirit was a pretty good book but I still thought twice about buying this one. I wish I had thought a little longer. One of my least favorite HH books. It had its moments, particularly the battle with the EC, but mostly it was just dull. I like character development but I really didn't need to be beat over the head with how much like a machine Atticus was through the entire book. Showing him as the unstoppable machine marching through the subterranean mountain of maggots was just lame. As was most of the other stuff in the book. If you buy it do yourself a favor and read until you get through the battle with the EC and then skip to the last 20 or so pages. You honestly won't miss much. As a final thought: You would think that a group of marines that had just been betrayed by their brothers might be a little suspicious of religious pilgrims who keep themselves hooded at all times.

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