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The Thea Sisters' next adventure to the Kingdom of the Fairies!

October 1
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Scholastic Inc.
Grades K-3

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Kwaynni ,

I wish you’d change it up a bit.

Hi Thea.

I have read all your books at least twice and loved them, but the second time I read them, well..

Your books never change. They are all the same, the only thing that changes is the place and the people.

The Thea sisters end up unexpectedly getting an invitation, emergency, or prize tickets to a place and go there, have some fun and then something goes missing, follow the clues and solve the mystery. Kinda the same with the special editions.

It’s the same story over and over again.

I’d like it if you changed your stories more often, instead of using the same idea over and over again.

The Thea sisters are a good example of friendship, smarts, and team work. They are five close friends who work together to solve problems. Which is good.

The Ruby crew is so jealous of the Thea sisters because they’re more popular, which is not good. Girls can pick this up and act like ruby.

The Thea sisters are kinda a clique because they named their group.
But they are just five bffs

Anyway that’s all, I’d also like it if Thea appeared more in your books, it is called Thea Stilton after all, but Thea is never seen. Please add her in your books.

Thanks! I’d really appreciate it if my ideas were put in your books.

Also make a book where the Thea sisters are all grown up, and their daughters become best friends. That would be really cool. 😎👍🏾

logannessa ,

Hi Thea

I really want more books about the Thea sisters I love love love love the books!!!!!

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