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This is Nathaniel's and Persephone's first official assignment from Bob, the Lord of Creation for this universe. They can't afford to screw it up. The job sounds simple enough. Travel to the Rekar'ree star system, find the source of evil and stop it from spreading to the other neighboring star systems. The only problem is that Rekar'ree is on the other side of the galaxy.
Bob provided them with a solution. He has devised a stargate, of sorts, for them to use. All Nathaniel and Persephone have to do is pilot their ship to the Antares star system, and fly through the black hole. It sounds easy enough, but nothing escapes a black hole, and Persephone's explanation about what is going to happen to them doesn't help; neither does the AI's carelessness.
When they get to Rekar'ree. It is evident that Bob made a mistake. There is no way that the planet can sustain life. All Nathaniel has to do is make a quick orbit, and run a few sensor scans to prove that no one is there.
High above the surface of the second planet are dirigibles, the size of cities, floating in the atmosphere. Their job just got a little bit more complicated. When they met Tempek'kee, it will get a lot worse. He and his acolytes are evil and must be dealt, permanently.
Dealing with the s.o.b. and his goons isn't the end. It is the beginning. Tempek'kee's employer, Hyperion Corporation also has to be dealt with too.
Persephone's half-sister, Aphrodite, let Nathaniel know that she is interested in him, and she did it right in front of Persephone. Nathaniel wants her too. What man wouldn't want to lay with the Goddess of Love? Can he resist her charms? Does he have too? Is there a way to have her and stay faithful to Persephone?
This story has plenty of science fiction in it as well as gods and goddesses. They are not omnipotent nor are they invincible, and they have their problems too. This book has plenty of action, horrific acts, and humor. It is written so it can be read as part of the Space Rogue series or independent of it. I hope you enjoy it. 

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
March 13
Jay Toney
Draft2Digital, LLC

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