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Warning: This collection of short stories contains scenes of explicit sex and is intended for mature audiences only.

The first three shorts in the Dark Forest erotica series now collected in one volume!

The forest awaits the brave and the fool hardy. But the people of the village have no choice, their children are disappearing and everyone knows the witches who lay deep within the dark confines of the trees are responsible. Each soul must undertake a perilous journey, and each must find a way to survive. But the forest has more than just dangers laying in wait, there are sensual and erotic pleasures to be explored as well...

Pursuing the Pixie
Heinreich knows his duty. He and the other men must flush out the evil creatures that are darkening the forest and stealing their children. When his trap is sprung, he expects to finally get a measure of vengeance for his lost daughter and dead wife, but instead he finds himself attracted to the most beautiful little creature he's even seen, one that it seems impossible is a spawn of Satan. One that he now finds himself wanting to take to bed, even though she is barely one fifth his size and has wings! Can he consummate his need with the beautiful little creature and get the measure of pleasure he desires?

Taming the Troll
Aislinn knows that no one in the village is better with a bow than she is. So she finds it ridiculous when she is left behind as they begin their efforts to sweep the dark forest clean of the evil creatures that have been preying on the members of her village and stealing their children. All because she is a woman. As soon as she can, she sneaks away with her bow and arrows to join them. But when she comes across a pack of trolls, she soon is captured. Now she is alone with a troll, and it's clear that eating her isn't the only thing that's on his mind.

Following the Fairy
Marilene is an older woman who has been used and cast aside by Stephen, the miller's son, a man who has left a trail of women in his wake. Alone in the forest, she is discovered by a fairy, who takes her deeper into the woods to a secret grotto where he and his lover like to play. And now they want Marilene to join them. Will she succumb to their beautiful charms, or return to her life in the village and her hatred of Stephen?

Fiction & Literature
May 11
Virginia Flowers
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