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Liz was absolutely content with her life. She dated when she felt like it, enjoyed her job and loved her friends. Everything was perfect. But when she met a beautiful, mysterious, blue-eyed stranger at a as she knew it would cease to exist. Literally.

Drowning in blood lust and surrounded by a sea of monsters she never dreamed existed, can she fulfill the impossible tasks required by the vampire council? They believe she's some savior prophesied centuries before, but she just hopes to get through another night without ripping out someone's throat.

Will Liz claim her birthright, or surrender to her dark gifts?

Young Adult
March 2
Willow Cross
Smashwords, Inc.

Customer Reviews

WendyKingston ,

Great book

I sort of stumbled on this book, it's better than at least 1/2 of the books I've read in the top 200 in sci/fan category. I think most fans of vampires & epic style books will like it too (it's no teen vamp story- no glitter!)
It has great characters & plot. Very worth downloading.

albinomex ,

This book is a must read!!!!!

5 Star FABULOUS!!!!! I started with the companion book Afterlife & immediately purchased Birthright. One day later I've finished it & ready for more! I do believe this is my newest favorite book! Willow Cross brought her characters to life & they instantly had me hooked! It's hard to decide who my favorite character would be, but honestly how can you go wrong with vampires, witches, goddesses, & a druid!!??!! She has exciting new twists around every corner that definitely made me want to keep going! I wish they would make it into a movie!! with all of Willow's books I look forward to reading more of her greatness! <3

Booksbooksandmorebooks ,

A great idea, but in serious need of an editor.

Grammatical errors aside, the beginning was rushed, but it is a great story. It has a lot of potential.

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