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The Dark Story of Eminem is the best-selling, ground-breaking biography of Marshall Mathers, tracing his fierce rise from the schools and factories of Detroit to global superstardom – Now updated to investigate the violent death of his best friend Proof, his debilitating drug addiction, four-year disappearance from the public view and his triumphant comeback album Recovery.

In researching this phenomenal story, Nick Hasted spent much time in Detroit, tracking down friends and foes of Marshall Mathers. In racially-divided Detroit the future rapper experienced first-hand the social conflicts that would fuel his later radicalism. From the depths of being a suicidal no-hoper, he triumphed against his class and triumphed against prejudice; despite being continually reviled, sued and criticised, Marshall Mathers forged his way to becoming a defining cultural force of the early millennium.

This unflinching portrait also lays bare Eminem's relationships with his much-hated mother, his teenage soul-mate Kim Scott, his mentors Dr. Dre and The Bass Brothers, and his own protégé 50 Cent. Never before has a book delved so deep an poignantly into this troubled figure.

“A serious and even handed account.” – Q magazine

"This is the best of a sudden flurry of biographies charting the rise of this brilliant, troubled Detroit rapper.” – Daily Telegraph

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Customer Reviews

Kelly Cook ,

Love this book!

I read this in 5 days. I could not put it down.
Very well done.

"2LA-git" ,


It gave me in inside look on eminems life. I always knew what he went through but never understoodthe full meaning of why he wrote music the way he wrote it, and now i do. I always had respect for the "hustle" he put in in the hip hop game but now dat I have a full understanding of what he went through to get where he is, there's a new found respect for him. Makes me happy to c him where he's at today

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