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From the bestselling author of Savages (now an Oliver Stone film).

As cool as its California surfer heroes, Don Winslow delivers a high velocity, darkly comic, and totally righteous crime novel.

Every morning Boone Daniels catches waves with the other members of The Dawn Patrol: four men and one woman as single-minded about surfing as he is. Or nearly. They have "real j-o-b-s"; Boone, however, works as a PI just enough to keep himself afloat. But Boone's most recent gig-investigating an insurance scam—has unexpectedly led him to a ghost from his past. And while he may have to miss the biggest swell of his surfing career, this job is about to give him a wilder ride than anything he's ever encountered. Filled with killer waves and a coast line to break your heart, The Dawn Patrol will leave you gasping for air.

Mysteries & Thrillers
June 3
Knopf Doubleday Publishing Group
Penguin Random House LLC

Customer Reviews

winslowfanboy ,

Well written and entertaining

Don Winslow is a gifted story teller - I enjoyed this one a lot. The back story on the history of surfing in Southern California was really interesting. The only reason for the missing star in the review is the extemely low probability, IMHO, of the characters in the Dawn Patrol actually being such good friends. But maybe anything is possible in the ocean...

bdjkoygdhjk ,

If you surf...don’t read this

That was a terrible mistake....if you surf please don’t waste your time. After a few pages they describe the surf as “ macking crunchy” and “over heads” and a guys name is banzai something and hang twelve. Never wrote a review before but worst stuff I’ve ever heard

LeftyMagoo52 ,

NOT so HOT dude

Been a surf dude for ... let’s just say I started surfing in the summer of ‘66. Danny don’t surf. Where/ what the hell is “ Shrinks”. Call the f#%¥ place what it is....Swarmis. Used to be Swami’s since it’s near the “temple” but since the break was taken over by swarms of blacksuited boobies, hence the name Swarmi’s. Also, Dan , if you think you can pull that leash off in a really big wave wipeout...forget it. They make leashes with a ring pull device to release the cord and da board from your leg in that tight situation .The Velcro strap stays on ur ankle. Also we call it “tombstoning” not “ headstoning”when the board while still attached to ur leg rope makes it to the surface but u don’t. Also, a 5 ft leash would be way too short. You’d put your eye out with the board snapping back into ur face. Kono’s breakfast is way better . I lived on the Crystal Pier. U need a key to work the gate to make it open and when the waves get huge the entire Pier sways like an earthquake drill. Please employ a surfer to proof read ur jargon . As far as I’m concerned ur a kook!

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