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After trying on a bathing suit that’s too small for her middle-aged body, Miriam Smith loses it. Her subsequent decision to squeeze every last drop of excitement life has to offer makes for a hilarious journey that exposes Miriam and her bewildered husband, Kevin, to killers, thieves, drug dealers, hookers, and ultimately Donovan Creed and Callie Carpenter, who happen to be hiding out in Miriam’s basement the very day she loses her sh*t. 

Preliminary Reviews:

“John Locke’s new novel has more action in the Prologue than you’ll find in most best-selling books this year!”

“This is the book you’ll read on your summer vacation this year. The wild story and crazy characters will keep you laughing long after the ending. Like Saving Rachel and Wish List, Creed and Callie appear a bit later than I’d prefer, but I found them to be in rare form and well worth the wait. Sharp-eyed readers will remember Finn and the Deaf Hooker from a previous book. As for Miriam, what can I say except OMG! Locke has outdone himself.

The Day Miriam Lost Her Sh*t! is beyond hilarious! The plot is John Locke at his brilliant best and the dialogue flies off the page. As always, Callie and Donovan are exquisite, as is the entire supporting cast. Buy it. Read it. Love it!”

“This book is so freaking funny! I laughed so often and loud my husband stomped out of our bedroom and slept on the couch! In any list of John Locke’s greatest hits, The Day Miriam Lost Her Sh*t! has to be top five.”

Mysteries & Thrillers
May 20
John Locke Books, LLC
John P. Locke

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