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Remo Williams was a simple beat cop. Nobody special, really, until he came to the attention of a secret government organization. They had him killed. Then they brought him back to life, erased his identity, and trained him to be the perfect assassin. All under the pretext of defending the Constitution.

This is a story that's been told before—in Created, The Destroyer—but never like this. The Day Remo Died revisits the origin of the Destroyer through the eyes of Chiun, the Reigning Master of Sinanju. Chiun, the Teacher. Chiun, who has much to endure if he is to elevate a pale piece of pig's ear to mastery. This is the Day Remo Died. This is where it all begins.

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August 7
Gere Donovan Press
Gere Donovan Press

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Krambed ,

Greatest Adventure Series EVER!

I've read virtually every book in the Destroyer series. Book #1 through book #38 were given to me by a coworker and after reading the first book I was HOOKED! I've since bought and read through book #149 plus The Assassins Handbook & The Best of the Destroyer. If you love action mixed with humor, if you love America but despise those who abuse our freedoms and wish to ignore or reinterpret our Constitution and if you are fed up with the Liberal, Nanny State mentality with the accompanying push towards Socialism, you will JUST LOVE these book! I guarantee it!! I've just finished reading this ebook, The Day Remo Died, and I LOVED it also. Now I find that there are two more books that involve Remo's son and daughter so I HAVE to read those also. When the series ends I will be very sad but I will still have my Destroyer books to reread. Thank you Warren Murphy, thank you Richard Sapir, thank you James Mullaney and thank you to the others who contributed to the series over the years.

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