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The Daylight Gate, an instant bestseller in the UK, is award-winning Jeanette Winterson’s singular vision of a dark period of complicated morality, sex, and tragic plays for power in a time when politics and religion were closely intertwined.

After the Gunpowder Plot of 1605, every Catholic conspirator in England fled to a wild, untamed place far from the reach of London law. On Good Friday, 1612, deep in the woods of Pendle Hill, amid baptismal pools and low, thick fog, a gathering of thirteen is interrupted by the local magistrate. Two of their coven have already been imprisoned for witchcraft and are awaiting trial, but those who remain are vouched for by the wealthy and respected Alice Nutter.

Shrouded in mystery and gifted with eternally youthful beauty, Alice is established in Lancashire society and insulated by her fortune. Yet she is also plagued by rumors of a dark and torrid love affair with another woman, the matriarch of the notorious Demdike clan. As those accused of witchcraft retreat into darkness, Alice stands alone as a realm-crosser, a conjurer of powers that will either destroy her or set her free.

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October 1
Grove/Atlantic, Inc.
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jhechotek ,

Thoughtful & well-researched fiction

I heard the positive critic review on NPR, quickly searched iBooks Store and found it. The download took a few seconds and I found myself reading the book within minutes of NPR’s review…awesome. I have never read any books by Jeanette Winterson but I love any/all historical fiction. As I type this review, I have read 75% of the novel and I have found her style of writing to be very engaging (not boring). I really enjoy the author’s use of real historical characters intertwined with her own fictitious players in a hypothetical tale that deals with an extremely volatile subject.

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