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Not for the politically correct!

Do you ever think the world is getting too politically correct? Do you find yourself laughing at something, only to be met with a judgemental furrowed brow? Then this dark comedy murder mystery series is for you.

Book One - Murder for Political Correctness

DCI Fenton must track down a serial killer and avert moral panic before The Queen is forced to utter the words 'death penalty' in her speech.

Three victims, all from minority groups, are found murdered in a London hotel, after attending an 'embracing diversity' conference. They are all employees of a training company who want to make the world a better place through whiteboards and jazz hands. Is there a serial killer on the loose? Or is the killer someone closer to home?

The murders receive widespread media attention, fuelled by a journalist who has a personal vendetta against Fenton and will do anything for fame. With a power crazed opposition leader and a government on the brink of collapse, the murders reignite the political debate on capital punishment. Just who are the Far Right Extremist Enigma, and why does a political leader want to murder a Reality TV star who can't stop eating cake?

Book Two - Murder for Health and Fitness

DCI Fenton is back to catch another serial killer. If you're a 'retired' prostitute and go to the gym, then this killer does not discriminate - man or woman, you could be next!

The first victim is found in a Soho back alley and before the forensic reports come back, there is a second victim. Fenton and his team will need to do some old-fashioned detective work before the body count gets any higher, provided the overtime gets sanctioned.

Fenton's team discover all the victims are linked to a notorious strip club, run by a glorified brothel madam, and a trendy experience gym, owned by a bisexual bulimic with good shoulders. A new addition to Fenton's team hides a dark past that connects him to the murders. To keep his secret, he puts himself in danger. Can Fenton protect his team?

With the killer's motives unclear, Fenton must fight off another press attack from an old adversary. Are the victims being killed for their history of sin, their hatred of carbohydrates, or does the killer have a more bizarre plan in mind?

Book Three - Murder for Social Media

DCI Fenton is back to track down a vigilante killer on a mission. He lures his victims via the DoMe dating website, bragging about his crimes over social media with his own hashtag - #SocialJustice.

Fenton is six months away from retirement and must take on a case which has baffled detectives for two years. The victims are all criminals who have been wrongly acquitted of serious crimes. The press accuse the Police of not caring about the victims, and the public don't give a damn either, but, of course, nobody's allowed to say that!

The investigation identifies the elusive Mr X as the prime suspect. He lures his victims with promises of love, lust and whatever else is needed to gain their trust. This usually takes about half an hour, as he's a ridiculously hot guy! When the team uncover links to a previous investigation, it becomes clear that Mr X is not working alone. Who is Mrs X, and what is her end goal? Will Fenton retire with an undefeated record, or will he stumble at the final hurdle and pay the ultimate price?

Fiction & Literature
November 28
Funny Book Press
Draft2Digital, LLC

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