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The 1902 Classic

This is a thoroughly enjoyable anthology on deer and hunting by numerous famous outdoor authors of the time, including then Vice-President Theodore Roosevelt. Unlike many vintage books on hunting, you'll find the tone and readability to be excellent, as well as being still very topical to hunters of the twenty-first century. 

Roosevelt is in true form as he discusses Mule-deer, Whitetail, Pronghorn Antelope, and Wapiti (Elk) in detail, and adds personal stories of his own experiences in the field. Hunting adventures of his youth and specific methods as the relate to each species as discussed at length. Next is Van Dyke's "Deer and Elk of the Pacific Coast" as fascinating and colorful treatise of hunting in California, Oregon and British Columbia around the turn of the century. The vivid descriptions of the area, environs and prey are especially well written in this addition.

The Caribou and The Moose round out this excellent collection on the Deer family, with more information on each variety and species as it relates to hunting and sport. Both add interesting insights and anecdotes that will interest the sportsman.

This must-have Anthology includes all of the following titles:

The Deer and Antelope of North America - Theodore Roosevelt

The Deer and Elk of the Pacific Coast - T.S. Van Dyke

The Caribou - D.G. Elliot

The Moose: Where it Lives and How it Lives - A.J. Stone


The Outlook May 1902 (newspaper review)

"...written as regards Mr. Roosevelt's part just before his accession to the Presidency, will be welcome to naturalist and sportsman alike. It not only records hunting adventures and personal observation of the habits of the animals written about, but also discusses questions of species, nomenclature and habitat."

Town and Country May 31 1902

"To the general reader, possibly the most readable chapter is the introductory one, and it is interesting to see that he is an enthusiastic believer in preservation of the forests and of the protection of American game. True sportsman, he holds, shoot only in season and in moderation."

Unkn. newspaper review May 1902

"To the hunter of big game this work will be a valuable manual of reference..."

The Saturday Review of Politics, Literature, Science and Art, Oct 4 1903

"The United States President's hints on rifle and outfits—the conclusions of a practical hunter—are well worthy of being noted. Altogether this a first-rate and most satisfactory book."

Sports & Outdoors
July 24
Loose Cannon
Stephen Hutchins

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