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This erotic collection includes:

Defiled By The Doctor
Sarah has a problem. Her boyfriend has tried to penetrate her, but is unable to. She has no option but to pay a visit to the family doctor. She is desperate to lose her virginity to her boyfriend and is prepared to try anything, which the doctor is more than happy to take advantage of. The question is, will it be her boyfriend she loses her virginity to? This short story features virginity, first-time experience, sex, creampie.

Defiled By The Teacher
Amber needs to complete an essay assignment to pass her course. However, everything has been getting on top of her and she's never going to meet the deadline. It's a good job her History teacher is so understanding. She decides that perhaps he deserves a reward for being so accommodating and, of course, there's always the chance he will do the work for her if she does something nice for him! This short story features bareback, b*****b, deepthroat, spanking, teacher-student sex, virgin.

Defiled By The Cop
Tonight is the night Julie is finally going to lose her virginity to Steve. However, it turns out this is not to be, as he is arrested for driving under the influence. The arresting officer warns her that Steve could be sent to prison. He also tells her that she could help her beloved boyfriend by giving herself to him. Just how far is Julie prepared to go to protect her boyfriend? This short story features virginity, first time, cop sex, deep-throating, creampie, dubious consent.

Fiction & Literature
August 20
Misty Meadows
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