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The demon Lahash tells a story of a time in the distant past. Filled with aristocrats, a secret society, brothels, and murder, he finds that his first real obsession comes through the sinister man he follows in his misdeeds.

As a demon, Lahash draws his power on the downtrodden of humankind, and the sinister man, William can offer all the fulfillment he needs. But, the night of the masquerade in Venice changes everything, when Lahash meets Sophia, William's young sister.
The possibilities seem endless with Milan's secret society ceremony when they await the return of the dark one's mistress. She is one demon, once from the underworld who can only visit Earth every one thousand years when celestial bodies align.
Lilith is the dark one's mistress who has been cast out but Lahash calculates a risky move in order to win her favor to return to Earth in the flesh for Sophia—but at what price?
As Lahash comes to know William and the secret society, he is faced with an ultimatum. To fulfill his desires in the flesh for the human he has fallen for in exchange for Lilith's demand, or defy her will and forever remain punished for the rest of his demon existence. Will the secret society be blessed with Lilith's unrelenting dark power? Will Lahash's deal with the demoness come to fruition or will he forever experience a marked change in his demon existence? Find out in this dark, occult paranormal romance set in Milan Italy in 1732.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
August 13
M.D. Fryson
Smashwords, Inc.

Customer Reviews

Ace McKenzie ,


Absolutely amazing book. I honestly couldn’t put it down. I received an advance reader copy. I have read all of MD Fryson’s books and this one may very well be my favorite. I love the old fashioned setting in historic Italy complete with everyone’s favorite demon Lahash. He truly takes center stage in this wonderfully dark tale of love and loss. Complete with MD’s wonderful approach to characters and always keeping them relatable,but fresh at the same time. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who loves paranormal, fantasy, dark, romance, twists, surprises or anything close!!!!

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