The Demon Who Loved Me

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He’s a gambling man…

One brunette bombshell with a devious mind and a potty mouth has thrust Kent smack dab in the middle of where he never wanted to be—his family. He’s spent most of his life avoiding his familial responsibilities, especially the one that required him to join the Ninth Circle Council—the demon society’s equivalent of judge, jury and executioner. Then one lost bet with the little Amazon flipped his entire life upside down. With worries about retaliation from the remnants of a rogue pack of wolves in Germany, he doesn’t have time to deal with his family, or his obsession with Chloe Demos.

And she’s the biggest risk he’ll ever take…

After her mother’s death, Chloe’s world crashes down around her. A secret Amazonian heritage. Aunts and a long lost brother she never knew about. Supernatural beings. With all of the sudden changes, she’s decided it’s time to step out from behind her façade of an air-headed, materialistic bimbo and show her sisters she truly does love them—she only hates their wardrobes. What better way to show she cares about her family than to help prove someone close to one of them is innocent of the bogus murder charges from some ridiculous council? Chloe has no scruples about calling in the marker the demon Kent owes her in order to do just that. It’s only too bad she’s underestimated Kent’s intelligence, and his playboy charm.

May 28
Whiskey Girls Publishing
Crystal Leo

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Kristie Koste ,

A sexy paranormal romance with a taste of suspense, and a lot of intrigue...

The Demon Who Loved Me
By: Jessie Lane

⭐️⭐️⭐️.75 Star Review by Kristie K

A sexy paranormal romance with a taste of suspense, and a lot of intrigue…

Jessie Lane is a new author for me, and this was my first book by this author. I was captivated and enthralled by the blurb, and the handsome cover hooked me and reeled me in. The Demon Who Loved Me is the third installment in the Big Bad Bite series. Although it was part of a series, the book wasn’t difficult to follow, or get into the storyline. This book follows Chloe Demos, one of three amazonian sisters. Chloe is big on designer fashion, snark and sarcasm, and teaching men a lesson. Determined to help clear the name of her sister-in-law, Chloe digs herself neck deep in her own investigation, and she isn’t afraid to call in favors owed to get what she wants. Kent is tall, dark, and gorgeous…and he has his eyes on Chloe. A police officer by day, Kent holds skills that Chloe can use to her advantage, but it’s his heritage that she needs to close the case. As a full fledged demon, and a blue bloodline, it’s Kent’s ability to take a seat on the ominous Ninth Circle Council that Chloe really needs. The question is, will they be able to deny the attraction between them, or will this connection lead to more than just a case?

The Demon Who Loved Me is a fun romp with demons, amazons, vampires, and shifters. My first love is paranormal romance, and this sounded like a great adventure into that world. I did enjoy the story very much, the plot and storyline not totally unique, but different enough to catch my attention and hold it. I did love the snarky and sassy attitude that Chloe and her sisters threw off, as well as the soft and sweet side they hid from the world. Kent held his own with the sassy amazon, though he did get schooled once or twice. I enjoyed their banter, and their obvious attraction. Though I loved and adored the characters, and the idea of their story, there were several things that left me a bit cold. The storyline jumped around quite a bit, and often seemed on fast forward. Many important details were glossed over, or skipped completely, and Chloe and Kent really didn’t interact much at all. Not as much as I thought they would to create the kind of breathtaking chemistry they had. I think this is a great series with amazing characters, and plenty of potential for epic storylines…I just think we need a little more of the story…a little more development of the characters…and a bit more burn to the passion. All in all, I enjoyed the characters and the story enough to continue the series, and even go back to the previous installments.

Kristie K

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