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The long-awaited sequel to the legendary film "It’s a Wonderful Life," this story takes up where the movie left off, but veers quickly into dark, unfamiliar territory.

Old George Bailey never did make it out of his little town of Bedford Falls; his one dying hope was that his children would take up the torch and explore the world as he’d always dreamed of doing … but, sadly, none shared his dream.

This is a story about search and redemption. Spanning four decades and five continents, it is a tale of renewal, obsession, presage, ambition; of self-inflicted isolation and dwindling friendships in the 20th century: a century whose task is to rediscover its gods.

Fiction & Literature
September 7
Red Storm Entertainment, Inc.
Lulu Enterprises, Inc.

Customer Reviews

AFPress ,

Extraordinary fiction

Writing with substance and authority, the author has created a new Bailey mythos, mixing the original backstory into his narrative, then weaving a rich and unforgettable tale of dazzling scenes and vivid personalities. I believ this extraordinary book will stand out among contemporary fiction as a novel to be savored.

Westside Leser ,

Beautiful storytelling

It is with no hesitation that I say many of the pages of Tom Horn's "The Devil and George Bailey" are among the most striking that I have ever read -- and I have read many a novel in my life. This is a remarkable story from a remarkable storyteller. The book left me already waiting for his next one!

NewFeFe ,

This one snuck up on me

I bought this ibook on a recommendation by a co-worker, who was raving about it. I figured okay I'd give it a shot, maybe just read a few chapters. So I opened it up and the next thing I knew I was already 200 pages in! The story is nothing less than spectacular, with a style that grabs you by the collar and doesn't let go. This book deserves five stars and then some. Now it's me doing the recommending!

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