The Devil, Demons, And The Occult The Devil, Demons, And The Occult

The Devil, Demons, And The Occult

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Have you ever wondered if ghosts are real? How about demons? With all the misleading teaching these days, and media indoctrination, are you confused about the afterlife? Have you wondered if the dead come back to haunt us? And what about UFO’s? Do you believe that they are real? Movies and television shows have had such success promoting the possibility that they exist that it has left people unsure on the issue. And if you are convinced that UFO’s come from another planet, it might surprise you to learn that the Bible hints, indirectly, about this subject! The author, Anne Kaestner, has been studying the Bible for more than thirty years and has compiled certain facts that should interest even the most skeptic of readers. For these are just some of the questions answered among the pages. And everything is Bible based! Everything is backed up by scripture references! It has been said that the Bible is the best selling book in the world. Unfortunately, however, it is the least read and studied. Too many Christians rely on their church leadership or some television evangelist to tell them what the Bible says. And often the only scripture that is spoken about is that which promotes the doctrines that the church chooses to focus on. This may include encouragement to pay tithes, or to push some particular political agenda. So most people miss the buried treasure hidden among the pages. However, the Bible has a tremendous wealth of information about spiritual matters that goes way beyond our everyday lives. God wants us to know the reason why we were put on this earth, who are enemies really are, and where we can get the power and wisdom to fight back against unseen spiritual forces that attempt to control our destiny!

Other subjects discussed in the book are occult arts, astrology, Ouija boards, and séances. Have you wondered about haunted houses? Are there really spirits in them? If so, are they the ghosts of people who once lived in the house? This too is discussed in the book. Chapter One is “The Earthly Influence of Evil Spirits.” It begins with a true story about a man who was raised in a haunted house. It talks about him sleeping in his room as a child, and watching a robe on the back of his door suddenly fill out as if someone was wearing it! It mentions how he would sometime have to sleep on the living room sofa when his parents had company. Then, after the lights were turned out and everyone was asleep, he would hear noises as if a party was going on. When he would turn on the light, the noise would stop! This chapter goes on to discuss such things as UFO’s and false visions. Chapter Two, “Warnings of the Occult”, starts out discussing the weird experiences of people from all different walks of life. This includes some young men who were hiking in the woods one day when they came to an area where they sensed a strange eerie presence. Without warning one of the men was quickly levitated up in the air! The chapter goes on to discuss numerology, Chinese horoscopes, tarot cards, and the like. Chapter Three is “The Devil, Demons, and Darkness of this World.” It talks about Satan’s hidden kingdom. It answers questions like, “Where did he come from” and “How does he affect our lives?” Chapter Four is “Demonic Harassment.” It discusses the weird experiences most of us encounter in our everyday lives. It includes such things as looking for something that is really there, but being prevented from seeing it. The final chapter is “Satan’s Favorite Techniques.” It discusses how the devil influences our lives, the temptations he causes and the traps he sets for us. And what we can do about it. This book should be exciting reading for everyone who has ever wondered about the hidden spirit world among us.

Religion & Spirituality
June 3
Anne Kaestner
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