The Devil Made Me Do It The Devil Made Me Do It

The Devil Made Me Do It

Choose Love Over the Lie

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Did you ever wonder how the world got to be in such a mess? Why does evil abound? Why do bad things happen to everyone, including “good” people? The book that you hold in your hands will give you a basic overview of just how sin got started on earth and its origin in heaven.

“The devil made me do it” was a popularized catchphrase by Comedian Flip Wilson. But within these covers, you’ll learn that God is more powerful than the devil, and He is “able to keep you from falling” (Jude 24).

You will also learn to identify the mysterious antichrist by learning the biblical identifiers. Another bit of knowledge that you will gain is who changed—or rather, attempted to change—the Ten Commandments, why, and where they are in print in their modified version.

Do you know the five major characteristics of the God Family? You’ll find them outlined and explained here: 1. Holiness; 2. Omnipotence; 3. Omnipresence; 4. Omniscience; and 5. Immortality.

By the time you come to the last page, you will know three things for sure: God is all-powerful, He loves you more than you can imagine, and He craves your love in return. And when you’ve finished, share the book with a friend who needs to know who God is.

“…It is based in sound biblical knowledge with a sensitivity from one who has traveled life’s road and found God’s unchanging love.”
—Jay Gallimore, former president, Michigan Conference of Seventh-day Adventists

“Phyllis was a student of the Word and she was a teacher at heart which you will discover as you journey through this book.”
—Nadine Whitacre, Retired Nurse

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November 1
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