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With the enemy dead, my throne awaits my return. But the reason I’m still standing is being held captive by another foe.

September 21
Monica James
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Customer Reviews

sunamio ,

Dark Heaven

The Devils Crown: Part Two took me for a ride, and it was one I didn’t one to get off of. Monica James really outdid herself with this two-parter. She left me on the edge of my seat in almost every chapter. Aleksi with his lust for revenge and his ruthlessness to gain power was an interestingly written character and I liked how James wrote his motivations and his interactions with Ella. James did an amazing job at making you care for both Aleksi and Ella, while not reducing them to boring underdeveloped characters.
They have such amazing chemistry, Elle and Aleksi, they truly do compliment each other so well, a Queen and her King. The plot twists in this novel will leave you wanting to read more and more until you find yourself both relieved for it to be resolved and sad that it’s over. I read both books twice because I just could not get enough of Aleksi, with his sexy and wicked ways, and Elle, with her amazing determination and strength. If this is what Monica James brings to the table, then I cannot wait to read what she has in store for the future.

FSMeurinne ,

Brilliant duet

This duet is epic, it was a mindblowing story and this book ends the story, so make sure you read part 1 first. This continues the story and it gave me all twists and turns that I didn't see coming that had me reading on the edge of the sofa the whole time trying to figure out everything. Fantastic dark romance story that is a must-read and definitely one I will be recommending. Brilliant finale and simply a marathon to my heart. Bravo Monica James you delivered in spades and surpassed yourself!

G1H2 ,

Oh My Alek...

Monica does it again. It’s bittersweet to be saying goodbye to Saint and Alek. But what a ride. From being someone I hated, to someone I rooted for and fell for, Alek proves how amazing a writer Monica James is. She is constantly having me beg for more.

I’m not going to lie, I never wanted this to end, but am wholeheartedly satisfied 🖤🖤

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