The Devil's Delusion

Atheism and its Scientific Pretensions

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From a bestselling author, an “incendiary and uproarious” assault on the pretensions of scientific atheists (National Review)

Militant atheism is on the rise. Prominent thinkers including Richard Dawkins, Sam Harris, Daniel Dennett, and Christopher Hitchens have published best-selling books denigrating religious belief. And these authors are merely the leading edge of a larger movement that includes much of the scientific community. In response, mathematician David Berlinski, himself a secular Jew, delivers a biting defense of religious thought. The Devil's Delusion is a brilliant, incisive, and funny book that explores the limits of science and the pretensions of those who insist it is the ultimate touchstone for understanding our world.

Religion & Spirituality
August 26
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Customer Reviews

PCGamer155 ,

Brilliant and Immensely Engaging

Witty, original, often hilarious. This book is a stinging and unapologetic criticism of all-pervasive ideas which—according to everyone who knows better—are beyond criticism. David Berlinski in his heart is a contrarian’s contrarian, and an utterly fearless one at that. And whatever your opinion about what he thinks and why he thinks it, the book is brilliantly written and simply a joy to read.

Kid A ,

Intelligent, honest and revealing

David Berlinski does a masterful job of lifting the veil of mystery and grandeur of the sciences to uncover the dirty truths that lie beneath the wildly arrogant claims being made by atheists in the name of science.

As Dr. Berlinski sees it, science is just another human endeavor, but it has become a kind of religion of sorts in the western world. This, in turn, has made scientists a new kind of priesthood. Their views are seldom challenged and taken as gospel by the masses. Endowed with power and influence, the oppressed has now become the oppressor, as atheists wage an all out war against religion to extinguish the only ideology that stands in the way of absolute power. But God might have the last laugh, as ironically, science itself has uncovered some inconvenient truths that not so subtly points to a creation hypothesis.

This is a brutally honest look at science, its orthodoxies and its followers. Using his background in philosophy and science, the author illustrates point by point, not only why the atheists’ claims lack coherency, but often borders on the absurd.

Tris I. ,

Finally, Wit & Intellect Together!

It is with great Joy that I applaud this amazing book. David has managed, from within a couple of pages and throughout the book, a wonderful display of sarcasm and wit that makes the read so satisfying.

Beyond the great humor in these pages Is a stark contrast between logic and illogic. Darwinism and Common Sense. Seeing Dawkins exposed for the apparent fraud that compels millions of college students to declare "freedom from religion" is attributable to the new cathedral. Superb!!

As Dawkins has affirmed, "...the devil remains in the details...". Sadly the atheist's faith is confused by the supposed "facts" of evolutionary biology. I cannot believe to what lengths Kraus, Dawkins, Hitchens and so many more will go in their hatred of God. Fomenting hostility continues to drive the rejection of mathematics and logic in science wherever we read of the potential best explanations regarding the Semiotic reality described by ID.

If readers are provoked, after reading this great book, to the science of DNA for support of ID, Stephen Myers books, "Signature in the Cell" and "Darwin's Doubt" are must reads!

Whatever else you do in life, Please "keep writing"!!

Thank you David!

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