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Simon and Elizabeth return in book four of the Out of Time series.

Simon's and Elizabeth's plans for their honeymoon are interrupted when they discover a list of unfinished business hidden in Simon’s grandfather’s journal. Picking up where Grandfather Sebastian left off, Simon and Elizabeth, along with Jack Wells, travel to glamorous 1933 Hollywood to save the life of movie star Alan Grant. But the Golden Age of Hollywood is more than parties and premieres. Behind the bright lights and bigger-than-life contracts, shadows lurk and no one is what they seem. It's a place where people will do anything for fame and fortune. And if Simon and Elizabeth fail, more than a man's life might be lost.

Books in the Out of Time Series:

Out of Time: A Time Travel Mystery (#1)

When the Walls Fell (#2)

Fragments (#3)

The Devil's Due (#4)

Mysteries & Thrillers
December 7
Monique Martin
Monique Martin

Customer Reviews

Hannah nicolllle ,

Out Of Time

This whole series is perfect. I have enjoyed every novel and I'm so sad that it's over.

Cavwife425 ,

The Devil's Due

I can't get enough of Simon and Elizabeth! Can't wait till the next book!

RobinBawesome ,

The Devil's Due

I love the entire Out of Time series. Simon and Elizabeth are smart, sexy, and funny! They are wonderful foils for each other!
In this story they're in Old Hollywood fighting something that isnt what it seems-just like Hollywood itself. The story is fast-paced and the writing and characterizations are excellent! As usual the author has built a world so rich, with bits of history seamlessly interwoven, that the reader is pulled into the setting. And just as with the other three books in the series she has created a supporting cast that feels so alive that you find yourself thinking about them long after you've finished the book.
Martin deftly tells the backstory so the first time reader wont be lost, but I definitely suggest spending the money and starting with book one Out of Time!

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