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In the world of technology, there are just two kinds of people: digital natives and digital immigrants. Digital natives are those born after the advent of the internet. They are comfortable with swift technological change and take the presence of technology in their lives almost completely for granted. They have "digital DNA" flowing through their bodies. On the other hand, digital immigrants are those born before the advent of the internet. Their comfort level with our technology-soaked world is more variable. But they are affected by the digital invasion just as much as their native children.

With the latest research supporting them, Dr. Archibald Hart and Dr. Sylvia Hart Frejd uncover both the subtle and the dramatic ways digital technology is changing us from within, focusing their exposé on the impact on the spiritual life of individuals. Through insights from neuroscience and psychology, they offer readers therapeutic and biblical strategies for handling the digital invasion in order to become good stewards of their digital lives. Parents, educators, students, counselors, and pastors will especially appreciate this cultural wake-up call.

Religion & Spirituality
July 1
Baker Publishing Group
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Customer Reviews

Maywoodband ,

Read it

We have zero long term data on what these devices are doing to our culture. Time to make a stand before this generation becomes adults and doesn't know how to communicate, problem solve, etc.

joshua0107 ,

Eye opening!!!

What an enlightening read. A crazy thing happened as I read this book. I became more aware of the amount of interruptions that occur in my life. These interruptions hinder relationship and productivity. While technology is great, it should be seen as a tool. I gained practical insight on how to establish media/technological boundaries in my personal life as well as my family.

KimWarder ,

Amazing!! Must read!!!

Learn about how technology is shaping your kids and your own mind!

Amazing author!!!