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Bears, Yogi Berra, bats with five-foot wingspans, wildflowers that look like a skeleton’s fingers – not the usual topics found in garden books. But then The Dirt Diaries isn’t your everyday tome about gardening. International award winning writer and rosarian emeritus Lynn Hunt presents the best of her best on gardens and gardening, featuring know-how and nonsense, instructive insight and flights of fancy.

You’ll learn how to build your own nature trail and protect yourself from the bite of a sea dragon. You’ll meet the world’s most accomplished rose hybridizers and chickens that like habanero peppers. You’ll visit historic rose Edens like Mottisfont Abbey in England and take an unfortunate trip to the National “Buttfly” Garden.

And, of course, tales abound about the Queen of Flowers and her glamorous garden sidekicks.

Beautifully photographed and written in Hunt’s distinctive voice, The Dirt Diaries is a charming new bloom in the gardening book garden. After all, anyone can tell you how to grow chrysanthemums. The Dirt Diaries asks why would you want to?

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August 19
Lynn Hunt

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PhillipOliver ,


An entertaining potpourri that gardeners will love! The author, who recently moved to North Carolina from Maryland writes about the pleasures and challenges of gardening in her mountain climate. Her first love is roses and her enthusiasm is contagious. Not only does she discuss the ones she grows but she also highlights her trips to some of the worlds most famous rose gardens, like Kew and the Biltmore as well as a lovely private garden in North Carolina. It is not just roses, however, many other plants are discussed as well. Wild flowers, companion plants for roses, herbs, dahlias and chrysanthemums are profiled in their own chapters. The photographs are vibrant and really pop on my new iPad.

cgvoice ,

The Dirt Diaries

The Dirt Diaries is not a book you have to "dig in to" in order to enjoy. Lynn Hunt has done the digging for us. We readers now get to follow along the paths of the ground she has broken in front of us.

Hey, I'm a guy, and I downloaded this as a gift to my gardner wife. But just like Tom Watson's "Timeless Swing" iBook - with embedded photos and video demonstrations of his golfing techniques - I found Lynn Hunt's book to be perfect for the digital book domain of an iBook. And I was hooked!

So, yeah - I was captured by the ease of reading this on preview, and it didn't take long for me to get drawn into Lynn's colorful world of the North Carolina mountains.

I found myself reading and clicking, then clicking some more, on pages filled with what Lynn is describing, as she wraps a story around splendid photos - sometimes a succession of them within a page's photo box, scrollable at (with) your fingertips.

You won't merely find pictures and discourse on roses and other delicate flowers - although there is plenty of that to satisfy here. Lynn, of course, is known to many as "The Rose Whisperer" in her columns for The Christian Science Monitor. Along with flowers, animals, reptiles, butterflies and more - are all seen as enhancing Lynn's gardening life.

I am glad to say that my wife is also delighted with this book. I knew she would be. She is a "home and garden" kind of gal, and became immediately captivated.
The book was presented as a brand new book, though you now know it was slightly used.
But there were no smudges or fingerprints on it, and she had no idea I had already read it.
Like I say, the digital domain is perfect for Lynn's "dirt diaries".
I say "Click away!" And delve into the surprising and enlightening pathways Lynn has opened up for us.

Lady Mac Seattle ,

Garden of Delights

Artfully presented with the author's own breathtaking photographs, this book takes you on a marvelous gardening journey filled with delightful anecdotes, priceless advice and valuable wisdom. There is probably nothing about growing and appreciating roses that she doesn't know! Highly recommended for any rose lover or gardener.