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It includes 16 chapters with the most important Bible Subjects and includes KJV Bible too. 

Over 1600 Scriptures examined from the Old and New Testaments.

The Bible reveals that God's ultimate purpose for the world of mankind is to fulfill His promise to faithful Abraham, "In thee and in thy seed shall I bless all the families of the earth." But even to honest-hearted Christians, that promise still seems far from its fulfillment and many questions persist.

For instance, what does God intend to do to relieve the conditions of sin and death in the world? And when? Why has He waited so long? When is Jesus Christ going to establish His Kingdom on earth? And why is a plain reading of the Bible so difficult and confusing to so many? Is there a key which opens the door of understanding to the Bible for us?

For over 100 years the key to Biblical understanding has been in the hands of Bible students. In The Divine Plan of the Ages all the great themes of the Holy Scriptures are introduced to the reader in a clear and understandable topic-by-topic method. The Divine Plan of the Ages reveals:

ï The great time periods of God's plan 

ï Why God has permitted evil 

ï The MANNER of Christ's return 

ï The Biblical meaning of "ransom" and "restitution" 

ï A study of the Kingdom of God

These and many other important Bible topics are discussed in depth. The opening statement of The Divine Plan of the Ages best describes its aim and its value as a key to Biblical understanding.

The title of this series of studies--The Divine Plan of the Ages, suggests a progression in the Divine arrangement, foreknown to our God and orderly. We believe the teachings of divine revelation can be seen to be both beautiful and harmonious from this standpoint and from no other.

Religion & Spirituality
May 19
Chicago Bible Students
John Bivol

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