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She was always the one.

Or so I thought.

Turns out my instincts were dead wrong.

Years ago I was faced with the choice between two women. Both were perfect in opposite ways. One was carefree and against commitment. The other was a woman you’d bring home to mom. 

I was young, naïve and stupid. I’m sure you can guess who I chose. 

Now, I’m older, wiser and know what the hell I want. 

So, when the same two women pop back into my life it’s my chance for a do-over. But they flipped the script. Just like me, they want different things now. Leaving me with one choice—convince the woman I want that she wants me too. 

December 1
Piper Rayne Incorporated
Piper Rayne, Inc.

Customer Reviews

Bibliophile Chloe ,

A second chance romance with a twist!

Well this dynamic writing duo of Piper Rayne "Knox-ed" this story out of the park! (Sorry that pun just wrote itself!)

Just when you think "oh sure, I know exactly where Piper Rayne is going with this story" they smack you upside the head and say hold on!

This story is just what the title describes, it's a do-over! And I am not going to go into specifics and ruin the story for you but I will say, I was totally hooked from the first paragraph and I was sad to see this story end.

I loved the evolution of Knox, he wants to believe he knows what love is, but he is so off course it's sad.  The heroine in this story, I so empathized with her plight and the insecurities she faced.

You get to see the whole rooftop crew and you see them all come together to make Knox's gal feel welcome and to help Knox navigate through his indecisions and give him the wake up call that he needs!

Like I have said before, I get such a "Friends" vibe from this series, and I absolutely love it! Way to go ladies!! Well done!

Susanmcqusie ,

The path not taken

This is the fifth is the Rooftop Crew series that centers around the lives and loves of a groups of twenty-somethings (think friends, but upstate New York instead of Manhattan). Knox met two women several years ago, one was wild, the other was the kind you take home to mom. Of course, being young and coming off a bad relationship, crazy beats nice. Now both women are back in his life and which one will he choose? I love this series overall, I just wish this book were a little longer to build a more believable declaration of undying love. While this can be read as a stand-alone, reading the prior books will give you a better understanding of Knox and the decision he makes. I received an arc of this book from the author for my honest review.

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