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"Multiple hankies, dog lovers…this is an emotional read." –Library Journal

If there's been a theme in Justine Meade's life, it's loss. Her mother, her home, even her son. The one bright spot in her loss-filled life, the partner she could always count on, was Mack, her grey and black Sheltie – that is, until she is summoned back to her childhood home after more than twenty years away.

Ed and Alice Parmalee are mourning a loss of their own. Seven years after their daughter was taken from them, they're living separate lives together. Dancing around each other, and their unspeakable heartbreak, unable to bridge the chasm left between them. When they find a little black and gray dog by the side of the road, they take him in.

Fiercely loyal, acutely perceptive and guided by a herd dog's instinct, Mack has a way of bringing out the best in his humans. Whether it's as Justine's partner, or just the ebb and flow of a family's rhythms, it's as though the little Shetland Sheepdog was born to bring people together.

Everyone needs Mack. But to whom does the little dog who danced belong?

Fiction & Literature
March 13
St. Martin's Publishing Group

Customer Reviews

Tamdod ,

Starts out slow but. . .

Stick with it, it becomes a page turner!

Jrdave ,

What a great story!

Absolutely loved reading this book! As a pet owner, and as attached as I am to them, I would do anything to find my lost pet!
You will read from start to end, wanting to know how things end up in one sitting, as I did.

Robin (the bird:) ) ,

What a story.

I loved this book. The characters were very well developed and I could just envision the characters as the story unfolded. I laughed and cried and actually pumped my fists in the air a few times. What a ride. I highly recommend this book

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