The Dom Who Came in from the Cold, Masters and Mercenaries: Reloaded, Book 5

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Kyle Hawthorne once believed his future would be a job in the private sector—a simple, normal life. Fate had other plans and he wound up in the military. Some newly discovered talents caught the eye of the CIA, and in no time he was working with a covert team. He found himself in a relationship with fellow operative, Julia—until she turned out to be the enemy. When her betrayal was uncovered, things got bloody and Kyle returned home broken, searching for a chance to walk the road not taken.  


MaeBe Vaughan has never been interested in normal. Her happy place is a dark corner of the Internet, where she disrupts all the bad guys. She has a great circle of friends and a full life. She doesn’t need a man. Until Kyle Hawthorne walked into her life. He’s all wrong for her. Surly. Damaged. His uncle is her boss. But she couldn’t help getting close to him. When his past threatened her safety, Kyle walked out without saying good-bye.


Kyle will do anything to keep MaeBe safe. He faked his death, hid in the middle of nowhere, and watched over her from afar. But when Julia resurfaces, he knows that to protect MaeBe, he’ll have to get close. So close that if they manage to survive, he will never let her go. 

February 21
DLZ Entertainment LLC
DLZ Entertainment LLC
Grades 13 and Above

Customer Reviews

coffeegoddesstmk ,

Easily One of My Favorites

"Whatever you did before doesn't matter. We made our deal, and I know neither of us has seen anyone since."
"No. I didn't want anyone else. I don't think I ever will."
"Oh, I intend to make sure you won't ever again. This is it for me, MaeBe Vaughn. You're my endgame. Always."

I think that it's safe to say that THE DOM WHO CAME IN FROM THE COLD is the book that I have been waiting for for a verrrry long time. Author Lexi Blake has made the relationship between Kyle Hawthorne and MaeBe Vaughn the slowest of slow burns, and, finally, here we are.

I'm going to be honest. Back in my early days of reading and reviewing, did I think that I would be in love with a world like this one? Heck, no. But then came Ian Taggart and all of his big, crazy family, by blood and by choice, and there was no looking back.

I am completely spoiled by Lexi's writing in this, the Masters and Mercenaries world, and every other that she's created. Being deeply invested in the characters, I have been waiting to see these two get their HEA, and, oh, my gosh, did Lexi bring it. Kyle and MaeBe are not perfect, but it's their quirks, and the ability they have to love each other because, not in spite, of them, that make them really perfect for each other. And, really, with the entirety of the McKay and Taggart families and everyone that they've brought in, there was no way that this story wouldn't end exactly the way that I hoped.

There's all of the requisite suspense here, and, of course, all of the steam (hello, Sanctum), resulting in a book that I could not put down, and that was all that I'd hoped it would be. Easily one of my favorites in this world (and that's saying something), THE DOM WHO CAME IN FROM THE COLD is a must read for Lexi's fans both seasoned and new. Grab it, read it, love it. You can thank me later. ❤️

j21969 ,

Great story.

Fantastic couple. Kyle really pulls my heartstrings in this book. I was really looking forward to Kyle and Maebe’s story. It was worth the wait.

Cheryl33610 ,

Kyle is back, queue the fireworks!

Finally! MaeBe and Kyle’s book is here and I couldn’t be more excited!! The worst kept secret in the M&M universe was the “death” of Kyle Hawthorne, and he’s finally given up the ghost…pun intended…and come back to life. But that open arm welcome he thought he’d get from the woman he loves? It’s nowhere to be found.
MaeBe is probably the female character who has intrigued me the most since the OG McKay/Taggart ladies, specifically Charlotte and Eve for me. She’s stronger now, physically, if not totally emotionally, than she was when we first met her. But she’s ready to move on a feel again, if she can just get over Kyle.
Kyle’s not about to let her go, though, and MaeBe is determined to not let him back in. The back and forth is classic Lexi Blake, filled with snappy, sarcastic, witty dialogue. And no M&M book would be complete without Mr.Sarcasm himself, Ian Taggart. Who may or may not have also showed his sweet and caring side as well ;)
While this book wraps up the Reloaded arc of the Masters & Mercenaries series, there’s still much more to come…which we get a peak at. But I’m not going to share that…readers will need to discover and enjoy that themselves. It’s gonna be fabulous!

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