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Some memories are magic.

Darkness he can't forget.

Exiled dragon prince Alexander never recovered from the murder of his mate Maiara, an indigenous healer he met over three centuries ago. Every waking breath is a painful reminder of what he lost, his grief compounded by the constant presence of her immortal red-tailed hawk, bound to him since her death.

Light he's afraid to remember.

When three of his siblings arrive with news that he may be in grave danger, he secretly welcomes the possibility of a violent end to his torment. But as the four reminisce about how they came to know Maiara in the New World, they begin to see her life and death from a new perspective.

Magic that could change everything.

For the first time, the source of Maiara's power is revealed and inspires a new but precarious hope. There may be a way for Alexander to be with her again, but his second chance for a happily ever after is risky at best, and at worst, could cost him the only thing he has left.

March 24
Carpe Luna Publishing
Carpe Luna LTD

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Another winner !!! Keep me in the edge begging for more !!

captfixit ,


Can’t wait till the family is all back together again!

Gma&ggmaof5 ,

Forced to buy books

A good author makes you fall in love with the people they write about. You love the stories and can’t wait to read the next adventure. An author who isn’t sure of themself leaves the ending of a book for the next book or maybe even the one after. You are forced to buy the next book in this series if you want to know what happens to half of the main characters. From reading what the next book is about, I’m not sure that it will even tell. I love a good story but I like an ending. I liked the characters in this series but I’m not sure I want to be forced to buy the next book. Had this one had an ending I would have gladly bought the next one but I think this is just wrong. This is not a television series. I’m extremely disappointed. No doubt the next book will be the same. I have too many stories with endings to read rather than wait for an author to write one or maybe two books to read the finish of this story. Just beware of the fact that you are going to be left up in the air at the end of this book. It really is an interesting book written with a bit of difference than most other books like this. If the whole series is finished and you can buy the whole story at once so you know how much it’s going to cost and you don’t have to wait until the next part is written or wait until you can afford the next book then it could be worth reading. This is just not how I want to spend my money, on part of a story, like someone ripped out the last of the book.

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