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Not every dragonet wants a destiny . . .

Clay has grown up under the mountain, chosen along with four other dragonets to fulfill a mysterious prophecy and end the war between the dragon tribes of Pyrrhia. He's not so sure about the prophecy part, but Clay can't imagine not living with the other dragonets; they're his best friends.

So when one of the dragonets is threatened, all five spring into action. Together, they will choose freedom over fate, leave the mountain, and fulfill their destiny -- on their own terms.

The New York Times bestselling Wings of Fire series takes flight in this first graphic novel edition, adapted by the author with art by Mike Holmes.

Young Adult
January 2
Scholastic Inc.
Scholastic Inc.
Grades 1-5

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Dove's Wing ,

Wow 🤩 (New series coming out!!)

Hi, so I’m gonna make a series in the graphic novels so, yeah

Okay, so this is a series for the graphic novels & Sunny’s novel comes out i’ll write on there & then on Moon Rising, etc. So here are my tribes for the series (It’s called Danger Awaits, well my book. Me series is Wings of Disaster 🤪)

CloudWings (I know i’m copying the name, but it’s different overall)

Description: Usually white or pale cream with the opposite color spirals or streaks, any color of the rainbow or mixed & mostly just plain, creepy gray eyes, always has one scale that is a different shape or object that you’re named after, if you have two you’re a hybrid

Queen: Queen Nimbus

Abilities: can control & make clouds, royalty can control weather, whitish fire & some can breath mist, complete invisibility amongst the clouds

Notes: They live on a actual cloud. It’s hard & in the shape of a huge dragon. CloudWing historians believe that their tribe is actually descended from magical clouds. Their names usually have to do cloud-related or anything in the sky, really (Or from their shapescale)

Known Animus Dragons: Princess Cumulus


Description: Their scales are usually the color or colors of the season you hatch in
Ex: If you hatch in the summer, you’re probably going to be white, orange, blue, green, gray, indigo or/and any of these colors but paler
In the fall, you can be black, orange, green, brown, yellow & gold
In the winter, you can be white, silver, blue, gray or/and bluegray (A color I made up. See Warriors: The Broken Code to see more information)
In the spring, you can be yellow, light blue, red, green, orange, indigo, violet or/and white
Mostly obsidian-black eyes. White antenna that can pick up vibrations & sometimes it glows & points straight up if a dragon is lying (Special, destiny dragons can, anyway)

Queen: Queen Storm (Is a Summer Dragon or SummerWing, & is pale gray with thin yellow spirals & cool obsidian eyes)

Abilities: Most of the SpringWings are animus’. Shoot fire, create leafstorms, shoot frostbreath or can change the temperature 🤒 (Depending on what season you hatched), most animus’ can change their scales

SummerWings: These are the dragons that hatched in the summer. They breathe fire & are skilled, strong fighters & fliers, (Love hot, sunny days) can also be called Summer Dragons
FallWings: These are the dragons that hatched in the fall or autumn. They create leafstorms & rather peaceful negotiating then battle, (Love cool-ish, cloudy days) can be called Fall Dragons
WinterWings: These are the dragons that hatched in the winter. They breathe frostbreath & hate trespassers & hybrids & will & can fight anything, (Love cold, cloudy days. Blizzards, snowstorms & superblizzards too)
can be called Winter Dragons
SpringWings: These are the dragons that hatched in the spring. Mostly animuses & can change the temperature & are a peaceful, happy tribe, (Love warm-ish, half-sunny days) can be called Spring Dragons
All the different SeasonWings have different blood 🩸
SummerWings have scarlet blood, FallWings have brown blood, WinterWings have royal-blue blood like IceWings & SpringWings have yellow or green blood so if a WinterWing & SummerWing had dragonets, they would be hybrids

Known Animus Dragons: Burnett (brown & gold with white scattered all over, is a FallWing)


Description: coal-black, blackberry, silver, dark indigo & gray or mixed, have bright silver full moons & stars on the underside of wings, usually dark eyes that are colorless but they look colored anyway; straight, sharp horns & metal-colored claws, incredibly thick, strong teeth that can crack diamonds, spear-like tail-tip that’s deadly if you’re stabbed in stomach, heart, brain, neck & eyes; usually very strong, powerful & feared

Queen: Queen Midnight

Abilities: Murderous spear-tail, strong teeth, very sharp claws, disappear in shadows & some can totally disappear if they stand still for five seconds (Can effect other dragons if they’re touching), blazing-hot fire

Notes: Strongly feared throughout Mycelium (Their continent), fearless, scared of seriously nothing, deadly, every hundred years there’s a golden-yellow MoonWing, fierce enemies of the SunWings; live in the Moon Kingdom

Known Animus Dragons: None


Description: can be any shade or version of brown, gold, yellow, orange, red, amber and/or black, usually brightly colored underwing, indigo, violet or lavender eyes; have fiery amber-red suns on the underside of wings with white wisps that look like clouds, bronze-colored claws, razor-sharp teeth & they breathe fire like flying flamethrowers; when they die, they become part of the sun

Queen: Queen Copper

Abilities: shoot fire, can blast fireballs out of their tails, feel boiling hot

Notes: Every hundred years, a firescales, animus & blackberry-silver SunWing are born as triplets, every ten years a dragon goes up in flames to heal their diseases or illness (So if you’re ten, twenty, thirty, forty, fifty, sixty etc.) fierce enemies of the MoonWings, live next to Volcano Suet

Known Animus Dragons: Cougar


Description: scale color varies from silver to black to gray to white to mixed, can have orange or green eyes; white-colored claws & teeth, retractable teeth; any ability the other tribes have

Queen: Queen Constellation

Abilities: anything the other tribes can do, shoot star-studded lasers, sharp tails that can be deadly

Notes: StarWings are their own tribe, but also kind of the ancestry tribe; Dead CloudWings, SeasonWings & MoonWings join StarWings & when they die a second time they become part of the landscape; they live in a foggy, eternally night kingdom, they can be named after constellations, nocturnal animals & types of wood (I know it’s weird)

Known Animus Dragons: None, ever!

Now the main characters:
Fountain: CloudWing
Blizzard: SeasonWing/WinterWing

butiful dragon lover ,

I made up some dragons of my own

Acid wings

Description: mostly blue with orange on the back and on the edges of the wing two legs and two arms the the tip of its tail looks like a spear

Abilities:can spit acid and camouflage its scales and shoots poisonous harpoons out of the tip spear of tail has a poisonous bite and its back is covered in acid and can exhale blue fire and poisonous green fire

Queen: queen hiss

Wolf grow grass ,

I love this book

It’s about five dragons and another dragon try to prison I am hurting her name is queen scarlet

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