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NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER • Together in one volume—the first three books in the world’s most beloved science-fiction series!


On a beautiful world called Pern, an ancient way of life is about to come under attack. Lessa is an outcast survivor—her parents murdered, her birthright stolen—a strong young woman who has never stopped dreaming of revenge. But when an ancient threat reemerges, Lessa will rise—upon the back of a great dragon with whom she shares a telepathic bond more intimate than any human connection. Together, dragon and rider will fly, and Pern will be changed forever.


Since Lessa and Ramoth, her golden queen dragon, traveled into the past to bring forward a small army of dragons and riders to save their world from deadly alien spores, fear and desperation have spread across the land. But while the dragonriders struggle with threats both human and otherworldly, a young rider named F’nor and his brown dragon, Canth, hatch a bold plan to destroy the alien scourge at its source—the baleful Red Star that fills the heavens and promises doom to all. 


Never in the history of Pern has there been a dragon like Ruth. Mocked by other dragons for his small size and pure white color, Ruth is smart, brave, and loyal—qualities that he shares with his rider, the young Lord Jaxom. Unfortunately, Jaxom is also looked down upon by his fellow lords, and by other riders as well. His dreams of joining the dragonriders in defending Pern are dismissed. What else can Jaxom and Ruth do but strike out on their own, pursuing in secret all they are denied? But in doing so, the two friends will find themselves facing a desperate choice—one that will push their bond to the breaking point . . . and threaten the future of Pern itself.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
October 12
Random House Publishing Group
Penguin Random House LLC

Customer Reviews

lady*night ,

Riders fly dragons and dream

Let me fly on dragons wings

ChrisArm66 ,

Loved it then, will love it now

I read the paperbacks of these three books back in the 1980s (I know, dating myself), and I’m glad they’re not only available here but at such a reasonable price. I really love this series, it’s a sci-fi/fantasy classic. The mix of science and legend work so well; the way Ms McCaffrey writes is simply amazing. You enter an entirely new world, yet it’ll seem strangely familiar. These books won’t disappoint!

Another Beatles Listener ,

Could we start opting to keep Icons Shown As Of Purchase?

Great tales; three stars; four, were the following issues finessed.

As via this Store, I preferred the previous (three-panel) cover art
for this book in its electronic form; that previous art selection is
what I have in hardcopy; for me, that art better represents what I
saw on brick-and-mortar bookstore shelves for years in terms of
the small (mass-market, if you like) individual paperback novels;
I am accustomed to it; cross-referencing within my library, such
as it is, would tend to be a little easier that way; and it seems to
me that I — like countless other purchasers — have indeed paid
for access to this or that item As It Was Presented, AND as it
thus should reasonably be expected to appear within the display
screens of the Computer Devices owned by the purchaser of
said devices and said types of media items.

New marketing? Fine; this of course happens all the time.

New imagery for new marketing? Fine; all part of fresh appeal.

Meanwhile, I have made this or that purchase during a previous
marketing cycle, which marketed a certain package I chose then
. . . at that time, by way of that marketing With That Packaging:
rendering irrelevant the level, degree, or nature of the Packaging
when compared with its status as being Part Of That Purchase.

Hence I merely ask . . . it seems to me only right that I inquire:
Instead of either New and Often Unwanted Icons such as I never
selected, or else a perpetual red dot enclosing such a numeral
as will indicate the current number of Hovering Updates such as
I am reluctant to resolve because of Unwanted Icons (be they for
Book Items, when updated, or for Film and likely some TV Items
— even when I have done Nothing to generate New Video Icons)
. . . instead of either New and Unwanted Icons for Video Items
(No Matter What, Baby) . . . or for books, on at least some of the
occasions wherein I boldly venture to Accept an Update . . . or
else, with books, a Hovering and Lurking Update ever Waiting to
be accepted . . . instead of any of these “options”, might we at
some point become able to keep a certain Packaging, aye, e’en
unto some bit of Cover Art such as, well, we always Kinda Liked?

I do not always dislike the new icons; this varies; I request some
better array of options as to what the screen shows for my own
libraries of, yes, purchased Access to certain items, ideally seen
at least As Shown At Time Of Purchase; still better would be a
choice of preference, “grandfathered in” from purchase time to
first icon change, plus current icon through Any Icon Change(s).

Wow; that would be terrific; it would make more sense to me.

I just thought it worse never to ask in any way than to ask here.

Thank you.

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