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Joslin, the daughter of King Arcas, accepts enormous responsibility to battle for the planet in a broken universe. With the help of Elissa, the golden sea dragon queen, she becomes empowered as she begins her sojourn. Along the way, Joslin learns what it means to lead and the power of all-encompassing, unconditional love.

The Dragons of Camelon, Volume Two of the Camelon Series, tells an endearing tale about overcoming global tragedy in an enlightened way. With the message that love conquers all, this heartwarming book by Kim Kacoroski incorporates a hectic and compassionate approach to world salvation. The dragon's all-knowing wisdom and nobility lift the story up beyond the dehumanizing world of men and their misguided motivations. The approach to a serious story with playful charm and engrossing characters is a testament to its entertainment value. Its simple style and amusing tone make it an enjoyable read from beginning to end.

With young adults in mind, this charming book offers an expansive story filled with lighthearted banter amongst the seemingly awe-inspiring and noble sea dragons. Furthermore, with select song verses that apply to the mood preceding each chapter, the novel creates an engrossing fantasy setting that contrasts to the world we live in today. This connection makes this already captivating read all the more absorbing and entertaining.

Written with a playful tone, The Dragons of Camelon will delight young adults with its wonderful world filled with the amazing creatures that are the sea dragons. Their wordless communication and elegant wisdom combine to create a truly noble race of fantasy creatures. Joslin and the sea dragons take readers on a journey through rites of passage, romance, and insightful lessons into what it means to rule. With its wondrous setting, fulfilling message, and playfully endearing tone, The Dragons of Camelon is sure to keep a place in readers' hearts for a long time.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
July 13
Kim Kacoroski
Draft2Digital, LLC

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