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Two worlds at war. Two brothers at war.

With advanced weaponry and impenetrable armor, the Crusaders smash aside anything that stands in their way. Led by Kaneda Kusanagi, they have only one mission: to destroy Matriarch, the last thinking machine, and free the people of Jupiter from her tyranny.

Whether they like it or not.

Standing in their way are the Dragons, led by Kaneda’s estranged brother Ryu. With super-human reflexes and invisible battle suits, the Dragons are masters of infiltration and sabotage. Loyal only to Matriarch, they will stop at nothing to protect their way of life.

The two brothers are set to collide in a battle that will shake the great powers of the solar system and force both men to question what they believe in.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
May 26
Holo Writing
Smashwords, Inc.

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ferret_bard ,

Brother Against Brother

This review was first published under Kurt's Frontier under Invincible Love of Reading.

As the civilization of our solar system teeters on the brink of war, two brothers are preparing for that war. Kaneda Kusangagi leads the Crusaders whose advanced weaponry and near impenetrable armor can crush anything in their way. They are on a sacred mission: destroy the Matriarch, an artificial intelligence that leads the humans who dwell on the moons of Jupiter.

On the other side is Ryu Kusangagi and his Dragons with super-human reflexes and invisible battle suits. They are loyal to the Matriarch and will risk all to protect their way of life. It is only a matter of time before the brothers must face off in a fight to the finish.

Yet in the shadows, another power is growing. Like a puppet master, it is manipulating events, turning former friends into bitter enemies. Only if the two forces combine is there an outside chance that it can be defeated. Can they find the truth and fight their real enemy before it’s too late?

Jacob Holo has written a faced paced action adventure thriller. The brothers and their followers are sympathetic, and readers will be eager to see when the brothers and their respective forces combine against their common foe. This book reads fast and is very difficult to put down. I am hoping Mr. Holo has a sequel in the works.

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