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For the first time, the complete trilogy is available in one book!

Book One: The Girl Who Walked Through Fire

One girl. One epic destiny.

In a world of magic and dragons, peace can only last so long. The ruthless King Angus uses his order of Grey Knights as a means to oppress the powerful dragons and witches, and they retaliate by destroying human cities. When one young woman appears with the mark of both a dragon and a witch, she becomes a symbol of hope for the dragons and witches – and a symbol of fear for the King, who believes she'll only bring doom upon humanity. She's the only one who can save us. She is The Girl Who Walked Through Fire.

Book Two: The Girl With The Invincible Blood

A girl reborn. A sinister weapon.

A year after the defeat of the Grey Knights and The Fallen, the world is plunged into chaos as King Fergus begins his reign of terror. Uniting the Eleven Kingdoms behind him, he creates the Bloodslayers who seek to destroy all of the dragons and witches for good. A mysterious ally resurrects The Girl Who Walked Through Fire to save the world once more, but her old powers are useless against King Fergus' secret weapon. To protect the people she loves, she must become The Girl With The Invincible Blood.

Book Three: The Girl And The Silver Mark

The Dark Lord rises. The world crumbles.

In her final battle, The Girl Who Walked Through Fire faces her fiercest foe yet - Lord Kyros, the demon who corrupted the ancient city of Mythania. With his resurrection, illness, destruction, and bloodshed will follow. Meanwhile, King Fergus rallies a new army with the hopes of crushing the dragons and witches while they're weakened. She must forgo her powers of magic and fire, and instead embrace the legacy of her silver mark if she wants to save the world one last time and reclaim Mythania.

Young Adult
July 9
Dana Gricken
Draft2Digital, LLC

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