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Final Warning: America's very existence is in peril.

(Dec. 2017):
By the time you read this, it may already be too late.

Nearly a year into the administration of President, David Brandon, the brash, controversial business-tycoon, there are those within the hierarchy of our key national security agencies who feel compelled to withhold super-sensitive intelligence details from the world’s most powerful man. Many whom Brandon installed to head these agencies, have themselves come face to face with the limits of their ability to dictate to the career professionals who ultimately control the flow of information.

Brandon’s past comments and actions, complimentary of and welcomed by and supported by the current Russian leader, never set well within our intelligence community or those of U.S. allies. Foreign Intelligence agencies such as MI6, Mossad, BND, DGSE, and even ISI were forced to rethink established data-sharing protocols, regarding the U.S. government.

In an unprecedented action, these agencies have reportedly erected a firewall to protect against a suspect U.S. president and key individuals within his administration, including his present National Security advisor. His first resigned for gross ethical and security breeches, forced by reluctant Congressional leaders in the President’s own party.

It’s important to note: David Brandon, a political novice and a mercurial, self-proclaimed billionaire sorely lacking in couth and veracity, assumed the presidency having lost the popular vote by millions. Still, he is President of The United States, warts and all.
However, regarding the CIA and other intelligence agencies, filtering of raw data provided POTUS is not new; this unspoken and never-acknowledged practice has persisted for many decades. Now, many deem it essential for the protection of America and its besieged allies.

For nearly twenty years, a handful of rogue Intelligence officials, directed by secret political embeds, have kept a deadly secret. As a result, we have not focused on an existential threat to America’s survival. We have squandered vital strategic resources, and may have sealed our fate as a nation. That doomsday potential was made more likely by the stunning election of President David Brandon.

What follows is a warning. If we are lucky, and heed the signs, there may be one final chance to ensure the long-term existence of the United States of America, as we know it. One man, longtime fugitive CIA agent Sean Ryan—accused as a saboteur and traitor, must now decide whether to come in from the cold, risk death to reveal all, or witness America’s demise.

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February 23
Gene Cartwright
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