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When a couple gets pregnant, typically, the first thing the mother-to-be does is rush out to the bookstore to buy the various pregnancy bibles. But how is the expectant father supposed to know what to expect? He could wait in the dark and take his cues from his partner, or he could prepare himself for anything and everything by seeking the counsel of two regular dudes, who have climbed the steep learning curve (and lived to tell) that comes when having a baby. THE DUDES' GUIDE TO PREGNANCY dispenses irreverent, honest, practical advice for the expectant father in an easy-to-understand--and often hilarious--man-to-man format. Taking you through the entire nine month process, the Dudes offer advice on what to expect from your newly pregnant wife (paranoia, morning sickness, enlarged breasts, no sex); the dos and don'ts of dealing with your wife's body and mood changes, your mother-in-law and other family members; and the nitty-gritty details of what is expected of you and how your life will be changing during the next 40 weeks. THE DUDES' GUIDE TO PREGNANCYgives twenty-something to forty-something men the indespensible tools and advice they need to maneuver the many ups and downs associated with impending fatherhood.

May 2
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Customer Reviews

JLaSpina ,


Very funny and typical dudes point of view. I would have like to seen a little more about what goes on when you get home.

Pcheezie ,


Someone obviously has no sense of humor whatsoever... Anyway, this book is golden whether you don't plan on having children, are thinking about it or already have children! It's down right amazing and an excellent read that keeps you laughing while helping you understand (get through) what your significant other is going through during the dreaded 9 months of morning sickness, cravings and mood swings. Thanks to The Dudes I have found an inexpensive yet very entertaining way to get my wife off my back about reading a damn "baby book"!!

nicolespag ,

Refund please?

After reading the first few chapters, it's abundantly clear that this book wasn't written for me although judging from the reviews, some people really enjoyed it. I'm a 30-something college educated first time father to be. My wife is experiencing some of the worst morning sickness and I'm reading aggressively in an attempt to understand more about what's going on and how I might help her. And clearly, most resources out there are geared toward women. So I figured why not take a look at a book like this. Maybe it will help me understand not only my wife's issues, but mine as well. Unfortunately, this book is a waste of money in that regard.

Generally speaking I'm a guy's guy. I watch football on the weekends, I have a gym membership I never use, I love BBQ, I think farts are funny anytime anywhere, yet I really couldn't identify with the male personalities/perspectives in this book. It reeks of false machismo and plays to a male stereotype that just doesn't appeal to me. I love my wife, I am capable of consoling and comforting her when she needs it, I am not just a spectator looking in from the outside, and I really want to make sure I have a good understanding of this whole pregnancy process. Instead of helping me with these things, this book brought my IQ down a few points.

Just to give you a taste, the authors state in their "factual" tone that if your wife miscarried, the comfort and advice she receives from her friends is way better than any crap we could come up with. Really?!?!

If you want an educational book that treats you and your wife with respect and doesn't assume you're a beer-swilling ball scratching, couch sitting sperm-delivery device, check out The Expectant Father.