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It's Christmas 1817 and the Duke of Danby is matchmaking again!
Spend the holidays in Yorkshire with freshly fallen snow, Yuletide balls and mistletoe kisses.

Identical twins, Ladies Lily and Amelia Woodward may look the same, but they’re as different as night and day. Ever-dutiful Lily is resigned to whatever destiny their great-uncle the Duke of Danby has in store for her, while free-spirited Amelia is determined to fight His Grace every step of the way. With Christmas upon them, the Woodwards set out for Danby Castle and stumble across an overturned coach and a pair of handsome gentlemen in peril. Will this fateful encounter alter the future for both sisters and the likely plans the duke had in store for all of them?

Disheartened but not defeated, Gavin MacBride temporarily abandon’s plans for restoring the family coffers to escort his sister-in-law’s long-lost relative to Yorkshire for a reunion. Gavin might have failed to secure funds to ensure his family’s future prosperity, but surely, he can deliver a young woman to Danby Castle in one piece. * Heiress Victoria Eastland isn’t making his job easy, though, especially when she sets off for Yorkshire alone. With no carriages for hire at the local coaching inn, Gavin is resigned to give chase on horseback in inclement weather, but a Good Samaritan takes pity on Gavin and invites him to share his coach. Soon, the newfound friends are led on a merry chase that ends with a bold rescue and an unexpected discovery. The outspoken, foolishly brave Miss Eastland has been under Gavin's nose the whole time—and a little too close when one is unprepared to lose his heart.

Miss Judith Whitton, youngest niece of the Duke of Danby, is not yet married. Having met John Copley one year ago at her first Christmas in Yorkshire, she is puzzled that John has not yet offered for her, especially after the intimacies they shared. * Mr. Alfred FitzHerbert knows why Copley has not offered for Judith: Copley is a scoundrel. If Alfred can distract Judith from her fatal infatuation with Copley successfully, Danby will fund his bridge project. Distract, not wed. No one looking at Alfie could ever imagine him being any girl's fatal attraction, an insult no true Englishman can be expected to ignore, not even one nicknamed 'the archbishop.'

October 23
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Customer Reviews

Stanhop3234 ,

Cute Christmas romance

On the Way to the Castle
Ava Stone
Richard Plantier, Earl of Glasbury’s convinces Mr. Daniel Lacy to attend the Duke of Danby’s Christmas house party, it may be the last time he has to break the curse that plagues his family. On way they are attacked by highwayman and left hurt and stranded in the snow.
Lord Elston and his sisters Lady’s Lily and Amelia Woodward have been summoned to their great-uncle Danby’s house party. They dread going to the matchmakers but know they must and hope they do not come back wed.
The Woodward’s happen upon Richard and Daniel and help them to safety. Amelia cannot believe her good fortune, Daniel Lacy is in their coach and on the way to her great uncles home. She has pined for him since she met him when he was betrothed to her cousin. It’s to bad he probably hates her family since her cousin jilted him. Lily can’t help the spark she feels for poor Richard, she needs to see him healthy from the terrible head injury, she is so intrigued by him. What started off as a unwanted trip just might be a chance of a lifetime.
This was a very charming Christmas romance with good characters and a very cute puppy.

Three Little Words
Samantha Grace
Victoria Eastland finds out her life as she knew it was a lie. Her parents and brother are all died and she’s now on the path to find her real family in England.
Gavin MacBride has been sent to escort Victoria to meet her family. He will do anything for his family even if that means chasing a girl he’s never met through the countryside.
Victoria knows traveling alone as a woman is dangerous so doning her male persona she sets off to Danby’s town. She runs into Gavin who needs help with traveling after someone, after offering to share the coach they find they enjoy each other’s company.
When the truth is revealed can the secrets be overcome with the trust and friendship developed or will these two go their separate ways?

Suitor By Surprise
Claudia Dain
This was my least favorite of the three stories in this anthology. I felt it was wrapped up entirely to fast even though there was 14 chapters.
Judith Whitton has been in love for a year with Mr. Conley since she met at Christmas. She has not seen nor heard from him since.
Alfred “Affie” FitzHerbert has been sent to London by Lord Danby to dissuade Judith from her feelings for Conley. Affie knows Conley for the rake he is and vows to protect Judith, what he doesn’t know is how he himself will feel for Judith.
When Mr. Conley arrives in town Affie and Judith must find their way through a mass of feelings, truth and honor.

Deiatra Dee ,

Aahh, the Duke of Danby is at it again and not everyone is happy about it.

Aahh, the Duke of Danby is at it again and not everyone is happy about it.

On the Way to the Castle by Ava Stone

Can love be found on the way to the castle? Ladies Lily and Amelia Woodward seems to think so. One is resigned to whatever their great uncle has planned and one will fight him tooth and nail to avoid his marriage match. Will an overturned coach and handsome gentlemen affect the duke’s plans? Or could this be another of his matchmaking attempts?

What better Christmas story than when Ava Stone writes the Duke of Danby. Love, love, love Ms. Stone and she does not disappoint in this one.

Three Little Words by Samantha Grace

How hard can it be to escort one young woman to Danby Castle at Christmas? For Gavin MacBride – extremely hard if that young woman’s name is Victoria Eastland. Samantha Grace leads us on a merry chase across England when Victoria sets off on her own. Fate seems to conspire against Gavin in his search for Victoria or is it working in conjunction with the Duke of Danby to bring these two their happily ever after?

Suitor by Surprise by Claudia Dain

Miss Judith Whitton (a family always worth visiting with) – will this Christmas visit to the Duke of Danby bring a happily ever after for Judith and the man who caught her attention a year ago?

Albert FitzHerbert should know that when the Duke of Danby agrees to fund something “if”…it usually involves more than the duke lets on, and when he knows why Judith’s man has not offered for her it could get complicated. So sit back ad let Claudia Dain surprise you in this delightful tale.

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